Brandon Davis and Jamie Anderson new Slopestyle World Champions

At today’s Slopestyle Finals of the Corona World Championships of Snowboarding, the US riders once again stepped up and put on world-class, impressive snowboarding show. Brandon Davis and Jamie Anderson were crowned the Slopestyle World Champions.

WCS16_SS_Brandon Davis_Sami_Tuoriniemi
Brandon Davis

Huge and stylish

In the backyard of Yabuli’s mountain inhabitants, the world’s best snowboarders showed the Chinese spectators riding skills they have never witnessed before. Brandon Davis (USA) convinced the judges with his huge and stylish third run showcasting a Fronstside 1080 Melon, a Backside Double Cork 1260 Nose and a Cab Double Cork 1260 Melon on the kickers. Combined with his creativity on the rails, he scored highest with 88.65 points, deserving the crown of the World Championships of Snowboarding Slopstyle. Max Parrot (CAN) grabbed silver before Stale Sandbech (NOR) who ended up on the third podium spot.

Jamie Anderson brings home her second World Champion title
Following her success as winner of the Big Air Finals, US rider Jamie Anderson sent it to moon in the women’s Slopestyle Finals. In a run where she scored 90.25 points, she went for high amplitude tricks on the kickers, laying down a Cab 720 Tail, followed by Switch Backside 540 Mute and a Frontside 720 Mute. Jamie shared the podium with silver medal winner Enni Rukajarvi (FIN) and Julia Marino (USA) who became third.


Coming up tomorrow: Halfpipe Exhibition with top riders live from Yabuli
On the last day of the Corona World Championships of Snowboarding, it will be held a Halfpipe Exhibition with the top riders, broadcasted live in China. In a common agreement with the riders, teams and coaches, and following the decision to cancel the full halfpipe event of the Championships due to critical conditions, the event organizers decided to host a creative Halfpipe Exhibition. The mission is to showcase halfpipe snowboarding to everyone travelling to Yabuli to watch the event, and to a greater audience in China via Chinese broadcaster CCTV.

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Author: Elisa