Burton European Open 08 Results

The Swatch TTR SIX(6)STAR Burton European Open in Laax, Switzerland ended today with one of the most intense Halfpipe finals ever. In a climactic show-down for first place, Kevin Pearce (USA) threw down an epic final run to pass Shaun White (USA) and win the BEO Halfpipe Title. But it was Risto Mattila?s (FIN) consistency in the Tour to date that made him the new Swatch TTR World No. 1, with an incredible 70-point lead over now World No. 2, Andy Finch.

American rider Jamie Anderson finished 9th overall in Halfpipe which moves her to TTR World No. 1, an astonishing 100 points ahead of now Swatch TTR World No. 2 Kelly Clark (USA). The Women?s Halfpipe final saw an incredible battle between Kelly Clark and Torah Bright (AUS) play out with phenomenal amplitude and technical combos. Clark flew higher than every other rider with ridiculous Frontside Airs, massive 5s and huge FS 7s that earned her the Women?s TTR SIX(6)STAR BEO Halfpipe Title.

06/07 Tour Champion Torah Bright, who finished second, stomped one of the most technical runs of the day, with her signature Air-to-Fakie Tail, a Cab 7, back-to-back 5s and a FS air. Bright later on even broke out a never-before-seen Cab 9 and keeps her position as TTR World No. 3. Hannah Teter (USA) had good style throughout, earning her third place in the Halfpipe.

The guys again were pushing boundaries as the sun shone brightly whilst some of the most progressive halfpipe runs ever were thrown down. 06/07 Tour Champion Shaun White was favoured to win after an impressive first place in yesterday?s slopestyle, but couldn?t keep Kevin Pearce from claiming the Halfpipe Title, even after stomping a 1260 in his final run. Shaun?s second place run included mind-boggling combos, with a sick rodeo 5 right out of the gate into a BS 9, back-to-back 10s, another 9 and ending with an Alley-oop McTwist.

Kevin Pearce, with his final run, blew away everybody from the judges, to the fans, to his fellow riders to take first. His run was beyond epic, combining style, amplitude and technicality, beginning with a 10 right out of the gate straight into a second 10, followed by back-to-back 9s into a jaw-dropping Mctwist and ending with a stylish straight air. Finnish rider Peetu Piiroinen was also going big, finishing third in the Halfpipe. Kevin?s win moves him into World No. 3 ahead of Swatch TTR World No. 4 Chas Guldemond (USA).

The new Swatch TTR World No. 1 Risto Mattila (FIN) posted his sixth SIX(6) STAR TTR result at the Burton European Open Halfpipe competition. Three of his results are 2nd place finishes, the other three within the top ten.

?My season has been really good with four good results,? said Risto. ?At the European open I had two possibilities to get my six results. I still have the Nippon Open and the US Open, so there?s plenty of competitions left to get more results. I?m still trying hard.?

Risto has a good chance of becoming the Swatch TTR Tour Champion this season, but with two more SIX(6)STAR events, as well as a few FIVE(5)STAR events coming up, it?s still anybody?s game with Finch, Pearce and White all able to catch up and claim the TTR Tour Title.

Catch all the highlights from both the Slopestyle and the Halfpipe at the Burton European Open 2008 on www.GO211.com and www.freecaster.tv, and don?t forget about the new Swatch TTR Rankings on the TTR homepage, as well as action highlights and behind-the-scenes footage on our jam-packed TTR Video Player.

The Tour continues this weekend in Italy at the FOUR(4)STAR Rock The Spot in Bardonecchia. Keep checking www.ttrworldtour.com for constant news, video, blog, and ranking updates.

Burton European Open Halfpipe Top Ten Results Men
Kevin Pearce (USA) Burton
Shaun White (USA) Burton
Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) Burton
Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI) Santa Cruz
Andy Finch (USA) Rip Curl
Keir Dillon (USA) Burton
Risto Mattila (FIN) Flow
Mason Aguirre (USA) Burton
Markus Keller (SUI) Nitro
Markku Koski (FIN) Quiksilver

Burton European Open Halfpipe Top Ten Results – Women
Kelly Clark (USA) Burton
Torah Bright (AUS) Roxy
Hannah Teter (USA) Burton
Charyl Maas (NED) Volcom
Linn Haug (NOR) Burton
Manuela Laura Pesko (SUI) FTwo
Sina Candrian (SUI) Burton
Clair Bidez (USA) Flow
Jamie Anderson (USA) Salomon
Queralt Castellet (SPA) Atomic

Author: mucca