Changes to the WSPL for the upcoming season

This fall the Park and Pipe committee in cooperation with the WSF have made some changes to the World Snowboard Points List to allow for a more fair and equitable ranking for the upcoming season. This also improves and provides the community with a  better understanding for the performance pathway in competitive snowboarding.

The 2 changes are:

  • The use of 5 different levels to categorize events, instead of 4
  • A points range on each of the different categories


Event Categories:

The new categories are as follows

  • Elite
  • Pro
  • Challenger
  • Amateur
  • Grassroots

The reason for the additional category and rebranding is to create a more equitable spread of points across events, have the ability to include more grassroots events and be more inclusive of all events that exist.


Points Ranges:

For each of the categories there will now be a minimum and maximum points for each of the categories outlined below

  • Elite – 600 – 1000
  • Pro – 300 – 800
  • Challenger – 200 – 600
  • Amateur – 100 – 400
  • Grassroots – 100 – 300

The need for points range has been identified as there were some anomaly events who were in the National or Regional categories that would be awarded points up to 800 – 900 points. This meant that some events and nations were indirectly manipulating the points systems. These ranges, as researched by the Classification Group, only effects 1-2 events all other events already live within the ranges provided.

Both of these changes will again make the list more fair, equitable and provide a better pathway for competitive snowboarding for the community!

Author: Birgit