Chill and Destroy Big Final Arosa 2010

The German rider Patrick Cinca was the guy to take first place at the 7th Chill and Destroy (CaD) finals up on Arosa Snowpark last Saturday. In best weather conditions, the Arosa snowpark was perfectly shaped and all riders were really stoked about the course. The spectators and judges saw highclass riding-level with lot’s of different „nines“ and „tens“.

Patricks Cincas winning run included a frontside 900 mute on the big kicker and a switch double frontflip on the step up kicker. Second place went to Thibault Berard (FRA) who earned his spot thanks to his best run that included a switch backside 900 and backside rodeo seven. The 2008 CaD tour winner Jonel Fricke (GER) took third place with a real sick run that included a double frontflip and a huge backside rodeo five.

Frank Knuerr, contest chief director, was super happy about the CaD snowboard finales and stated: “This was the best riding I’ve ever seen at a Chill and Destroy finale! The Snowpark in Arosa allowed the riders to push their limits up and stick really crazy technical tricks!!! Magnificent…!!!”

The kids final competition had been dominated by local rider Urs Hediger (SUI). He showed real smooth riding with high amplitude and lots of style and was the only kid who jumped the „big 20m table-kicker“ with a frontside inverted five mutegrab. Gabriel Polkovich (AUT) took 2nd place with a real technical rail/obstacle-run included a frontflip over the lip, a nice no grab bonk, frontside boardslide 180 off at the flatbox and a nice barrel roll followed by a backside three. Third place was caught by Dominik Metzler.

Zimtstern teamrider Helen Nadig (SUI) won the girls contest, showing backside lipslides at the downbox, frontside 360 indy, backside noseslide and frontside five. Second became Martina Zollner (GER) and third place went to Maria Teifel from Austria.

At the after show party in the LOSBAR in Arosa the riders and the organizers got their groove on with some oldschool hiphop music in the basement and rock at the first floor. They celebrated the winners and hailed the best CaD finales, with the sickest riding level, ever held…

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Author: silvia