Corona World Championships Big Air starts Friday

Big things are going to happen in the Big Air sessions, starting tomorrow here in Yabuli, China. Today’s training at the Big Air site went comfortably well despite the bitter cold conditions. All riders warmed up nicely with good feedback from all riders. The set up is slightly restricted in size by the venue but what it lacks in inches it makes up in safety.

WCS 2016 BA Practice Yuki Kadano

This year has been a big year for scaffold jumps, which can’t be groomed so the riders are relieved to have a all snow setup with a smooth in-run and landing to work with at World Champs. The rider field is 38 men 10 women packed with big names and a large variety of nations.

Yabuli China will be the first World Championships of Snowboarding to include Big Air as a discipline. Big Air has been a part of the World Snowboard Tour since the Ticket To Ride (TTR) first began but this it the first time it is included in a World Championships.

WCS 2016 BA Practice Niklas Mattsson

The title will be hard fought as becoming the first World Champion in Big Air and winning a 40,000 US$ chunk of the 160,600 US$ Big Air prize pool will be one of the greatest rewards in snowboarding today.


Author: Elisa