Czech rider Martin Mikyska wins Quiksilver Snowjam 2012

pindlerův Mlýn – Martin Mikyska from Prague and only 18 years old is the winner of Quiksilver Snowjam 2012 and the olny one to win the battle against the bad weather. After a Friday sunny day, his ride on Saturday was still flawless, finishing with a Frontside 900 on the kicker at the end of course.

Throughout the year, Martin showed excellent form at all competitions in which he took part. He was able to use those experiences from throughout the year to dominate Quiksilver Snowjam. Martin told us: „It was amazing, there were tons of amazing tricks, though it’s too bad the weather was less than ideal. But the atmosphere overall was great like every year at Quiksilver Snowjam. I got first prize thanks to the combination of all the features of the course. I got a really strong half pipe score, a pretty good score on the jib, and one of the best tricks on the kicker. It’s one of the most amazing feelings to win. It’s hard to find the words. Thank you.”

Young Finnish rider Ville Paumola took second place at Spindleruv Mlyn. Third place was seasoned Quiksilver Snowjam rider Thomas Franz from Switzerland. Although there were bad weather conditions, 3,000 spectators came to the slopes at Svaty Petr to witness world class snowboarding. Martin Černík said on the competition, „I’m happy that we organized another great competition this year and although the weather wasn’t ideal, a lot of spectators still attended and the riders showed their best on the course.“

Snickers Nutcase Best Trick – saving the best show for last
The evening program for Quiksilver Snojwam starts with a Sunshine concert on the outdoor stage right at the bottom of the slope. After that was the spectators favorite show „Snickers Nutcase Best Trick“ at the Big Air under the flood lights. This is where the riders showed the best tricks they have to offer. Jan Nečas won best trick with a frontside 360 stalefish and the winner of the technical category style was Petr Horák with a switch frontside 1080 double cork.

Results of Quiksilver Snowjam 2012:
1. Martin Mikyska, CZE
2. Ville Paumola, FIN
3. Thomas Franc, SUI
4. Martin Černík, CZE
5. Dušan Kříž, CZE
6. Jan Nečas, CZE
7. Marius Otterstad, NOR
8. Petr Horák, CZE
9. Pepe Samek, CZE
10. Pavel Vyroubal, CZE

Results of Nutcase Best Trick 2012:
Style: Jan Nečas, CZE
Technical: Petr Horák, CZE

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Author: silvia