Freezing your WSPL Points

The Frozen Points Protocol allows an injured rider to retain his/her seeding rights during the period of injury and for a period of time after he/she has recovered from the injury. To achieve this, a riders points on the respective rankings will be “frozen” as of the week when the injury occurred and the rider will be ranked based on the frozen points on the respective ranking as long as the rider’s status is injured or recovered.

Upon receipt of a medical certificate, signed by a medical doctor, a rider’s WSPL points will be frozen as of the week when the injury occured. As long as a rider has a “frozen points” status – either injured or recovered – his/her ranking on the respective WSPL will be calculated on his/her frozen points based on the following rule: The frozen points of an injured/recovered rider will be reduced by 50% after 52 weeks have passed since the injury occurred.

The WSPLs are based on event results from all major global snowboarding competitions, including both Tour and non-Tour  events. A rider’s position on the WSPL for his/her respective discipline is determined each week by calculating an average of the points from his/her best results in that discipline within the previous 52-week period. For more detailed info on the WSPLs and their calculation:

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Author: Elisa