Imperium Gastunum Jam Session

Even after 9 years, “Imperium Gastunum Jam Session” is far from done – on 18 February 2011, it celebrates its tenth anniversary and presents a freestyle contest with some really special treats. The park set-up will be changed slightly and the always-popular Monster Gap will be more awesome than ever, the main obstacle sure to push riders to their limits. This is also reflected in this year’s motto for the event, “Beware of the Monster”. Head shapers are Max Weickl and Flo Wieser – both riders themselves. At the start and in their design of the start and end sections, both of them have been able to give their creativity free rein. True to the whole idea of “By riders, for riders”, one snowboarder and one freeskier each are responsible for the park set-up on the Buchebenwiese.

2star Ticket To Ride Contest

This year, yet again, Bad Gastein will be all about accumulating points on the TTR World Tour and the World Rookie Tour. The best Austrian riders can qualify for the Shred Down Austrian Masters, which takes center stage in Westendorf on March 2011.

To get yourself in the right frame of mind for the Imperium Gastunum Jam Session, we’d recommend going ahead and viewing the video clip from last year, which was just released in the last few days. You’ll get to see last year’s winners, Luka Jeromel for the snowboarders and Martin Hauck for the freeskiers.Plus a double backflip from Imanuel “Imi” Egger!

Jam History at the After Contest Party
An exhibition at this year’s After Contest Party in the Silverbullet Bar offers an intensive overview of the history of the Jam Session. Aside from the best photos and videos, all of the past years’ photos will also be on display. And when you think of the Gastein Jam Sessions of recent years, the chances aren’t too bad that the tenth edition of the Imperium Gastunum
Jam Session will go down in the history books as well!
More info and the latest news can be found on the contest website at

About the Event Organizer:
In 2004 a group of Gastein snowboarders founded the Imperium Gastunum sport club. Its declared goal was to promote trend sports, above all snowboarding, in Gastein Valley and around the world. In the center of their efforts is the Jam Session, an annual freestyle contest on the Buchebenwiese in Bad Gastein.

Author: silvia