International Deaf Snowboard Championship in Chiesa Valmalenco (ITA)

Chiesa Valmalenco (Italy) host the 3 days of the International Deaf Snowboard Championship where numerous riders from all Europe, Russia and Japan challenged their skills in GS, PSL, big air and halfpipe contests.

The japanese rider Noboru Harada, already winner of the Deaflympics, was the one to take top spot in GS followed by Fabio Perricone (ITA) and Kottmann Mathias (GER) and Noboru also placed first in PSL, ahead of Mathias Kottmann (GER) and Castella Thibaud (SUI).

The women podium in GS goes to Ledermann Denise (SUI), Marlene Tutzer (ITA) and Hisano Tezuka (JPN). And in the PSL discipline Marlene Tutzer (ITA) got first followed by Lang Karin (AUT) e Payerl Katrin (AUT).

The Swiss team impressed the judges in the freestyle contests: Jenzer Jonas (SUI) got first place in the halfpipe, second place for Castella Thibaud (SUI) and Claudio Boccacci (ITA) got third. Denise Ledermann (SUI) the only girl who competed in the halfpipe. Only men show up for the Big Air contest where the swiss Jonas got first again, followed by the italian Claudio Boccacci and Castella Thibaud from Germany.

The Silenziosa Valtellinese Association would like to thank for the support Ghignola Gabriele from FISI, Sampaoli Marco from WSF, Dal Vera Francesco FSI and Galbiati Federico.

Author: silvia