Italian Shaper Clinics 06.07

The italian snowboard association (FSI) presents a shaper formation program for season 2006.07. Started in 2004, this project now arrive to the 3rd edition. It’s based on 3 differnet level of clinics: base, advanced and professional bulding&management of a snowpark area. The professional part will be developed in future in cooperation with WSF and other national snowboard associations.

images from italian “base shaper” clinics 2006

Italian shaper clinics will be from 15 to 18 december in Solda (Bolzano, Ita) and from 19 to 21 january 2007 in Chiesa Val Malenco (Sondrio, Ita). For more info or

students at the final test to obtain their “base shaper deegre”

Other national snowboard associations run similar projects. Snowpark are an important part of our sport and help strongly the local promotion and development of snowboard culture. For further info about national activities, check the list of the member nations and express your questions to the contact persons.

after the pratical test the “base shaper clinic” is over

Author: mucca