Join Winners at Oakley Arctic Challenge Highest Air

Oslo, Norway February 19th, 2009: Today, the 6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge kicked off with the ‘Highest Air’ format, a separate contest allocated only to straight Airs and does not account for Swatch TTR points. Daniel Josefsen (NOR) and Shayne Pospisil (USA) became the riders of the day in Linderudkollen, Oslo, both jumping 6.8m in front of over 1000 enthusiastic spectators and taking home

6000 USD each. Before the event, speculation was flying that Terje Haakonsen’s (NOR) 9.8m record could be broken by the heavy hitting field consisting of Pearce (USA), Sorsa (FIN), and Mattila (FIN), however, unfavourable weather conditions were conspiring against the new world record being set.

Author: mucca