PRSNT Snowboard / Self Development Camp Launches in Vassfjellet, Norway


Banked Slalom


09 January 2016

PRSNT Snowboard / Self Development Camp Launches in Vassfjellet, Norway


Banked Slalom

Date And Time

09 January 2016

PRSNT PERFORMANCE connects female snowboard enthusiasts with nutrition and health through a day camp in Vassfjellet, Norway.

January 9th, 2016 – Vassfjellet, Klæbu, Norway — PRSNT PERFORMANCE, founded by professional snowboarders Chanelle Sladics and Kjersti Buaas, announces the launch of their first camp.

We started PRSNT because we believe getting the juice out of life requires you to operate at your highest self,” says Chanelle Sladics, Co-Founder of PRSNT. “Getting there is a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual pursuit.  All top performing humans reach their highest level by best channeling the PRSNT moment.  That is where the magic happens, when you are where your feet are.

The day started with a stress management talk by Eureka Kiropraktikk. “We have partnered with people and companies who see eye to eye with our values and philosophy on life,” says co-founder Kjersti Buaas. XGames bronze medalist, certified yoga teacher Chanelle Sladics, led the group in an opening meditation, breathing and yoga session with Lu Lu Lemon, as the first light of day peaked in through the windows. Mat Fra Hagen kept the energy levels steady between all the activities with fresh pressed organic vegetable juices. As the blue skies warmed up the beautifully frosted trees, the day moved outside with the first on-snow session, where the ladies got to snowboard with Kjersti and Chanelle.

Today was an awesome day with yoga, snowboarding, great food and great snowboarders. We learned how to actually feel our bodies, and the best thing was that we got to be 100% ourselves – weird in a good way “ – Renate, Frida, Christel: #prsntTRD Campers.


The campers got to enjoy their lunch break with vegetarian sandwiches from a local organic bakery, Godt Brød, while listening to an hour nutrition speakeasy by well-known Norwegian MD, nutritionist and health advocate Berit Nordstrand. Berit is know for her dynamic presentations on how delicious foods can help you get more out of life. She transforms medical research into entertaining stories and practical tips.

I am very happy I get to contribute my knowledge to the PRSNT Performance camp in Vassfjellet. I am impressed with Kjersti and Chanelle using their position as professional athletes to shine light on healthy living and how to get the most out of life through nutrition and activities.  Young active females, who wish to perform both physically and mentally need to make smart food choices. A clean, balanced diet, consisting of food that will give us the right building blocks, will help us gain optimum strength, a strong immune system and a clear, focused mind,” says Berit Nordstrand MD.


We want to get women of all ages and levels together to do yoga, snowboard, meditate, learn about health and nutrition, while practicing awareness of the #PRSNT moment. Being professional athletes has thought us that it is in this state that we perform our best. We want to help facilitate an environment that will stimulate the participants to get to this special place, because we know how powerful it is! We believe that whether it is on the mountain, at work or in anything you are passionate about, this state of mind is the key to performing to your fullest potential. For us the goal is for the campers to go home with tools that they didn’t have prior to the camp and to know how to utilize these in their daily life,” says four time Olympian and co-founder of camp, Kjersti Buaas.

After lunch the ladies gathered for another on-snow session in the private park provided by Vassfjellet Skiheiser, Kjersti’s local mountain. “I have so many great memories and “firsts” from here,” says Kjersti. “Snowboarding does not have to be done in a certain way – the, mountain is your playground, your canvas to paint your art and express your creativity and spirit.”

The private park consisted of one jump and three rail features, designed to suit all levels of the group. A DJ provided by Zeal Optics made sure good vibrations was running through the surroundings. Trondheim Snowboard Club shared their cozy warming hut as base camp, for the participants to receive chiropractic treatment and body scans from Eureka Chiropractic.

Everybody who attended the camp came in with an open mind and a positive attitude with a thirst to learn and grow both on and off the snow. We aim to leave words like “ stress” out of our vocabulary and focus on being #PRSNT.  We were happy to see everyone embrace our intention to be away from our phones and just soak up the experience,” says Chanelle.

Your body is always present, it’s the mind who wanders and gets lost.



PRSNT was founded two by professional snowboarders and health advocates Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics. Kjersti is a four time Olympian and Olympic bronze medalist. Chanelle is a XGames medalist and certified yoga instructor. Both are certified wilderness first responders and permaculture designers.

Intertwining yin & yang activities promotes balance, health and happiness. Through healthy living workshops,  environmental education and outdoor adventures, PRSNT aims to accelerate personal growth in a fun group setting. Activities include, but are not limited to: snowboarding, splitboarding, hiking, surfing, yoga, SUP, slack-lining, rock climbing, nutrition workshops, raw cooking classes, meditation and goal setting coupled with campfire vibes and positivity.

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PRSNT’s upcoming adventures camps all include Yoga, Nutrition and Meditation ~ the upcoming coming adventures also include:

  • Splitboardingin Colorado
  • Free Divingand Farm Living in Hawaii
  • Powder in Chile
  • Surfing in Costa Rica


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