Qualification Day 1 at the 2014 Völkl World Rookie Finals

The qualifications for the youngest competitors at the 2014 VÖLKL WORLD ROOKIE FINALS were going down on April 3rd. Within the 41 strong field of Groms, every rider had the chance to impress the judges in two runs – the best run counted for the ranking. The six best female and the twelve best male Groms qualified to the finals which are scheduled for Saturday, April 5th 2014.

View from the start (photo by Gustav Ohlsson)

Elli Pikkujamsa (FIN) showed today’s best run among the girls performing a solid Cab 180 Tail and a Backside 360 on the first two jumps. Hanne Kjøll Eilertsen (NOR) qualified as second with two Straight Nose Grabs on the large line followed by Reira Iwabuchi (JPN) who came third with a Backside 360 and a Frontside 360.

Hanne Kjøll Eilertsen, NOR (photo by Gustav Ohlsson)
The youngest participant of the contest was 7 years old Jaquelina de Jong (NED) performing one 14 – and one 13 meters Straight Jump.
Jaquelina de Jong, NED (photo by Armin Popp)
The Grom boys showcased a high level of riding “who would have no problems in competing in the Rookies age category”, as head judge Giulio Neri commented.
(photo by Armin Popp)
Sam Christie (NZL) resulted as the best rider of the day with a huge run including a Frontside 720 Mellon Grab on the first kicker, a solid Backside 720 Mute on the second jump, a massive Frontside 360 out of the toblerone and finishing it off with a 360 out of the rail.
Sam Christie, NZL (photo by Gustav Ohlsson)
Second ranked Rene Rinnekangas (FIN) impressed with a big Backside 720 mute and a stomped Frontside 720 Mellon on the kickers followed by a huge Method out of the toblerone, a nice Frontside Boardslide 270 out and ending up with a Handplant 270 on the pinkball.
Kaito Hamada (JPN) showcased a cool Backside 720 Mellon as well as a Backside Rodeo 540 on the first two jumps. He then laid down a Cab 180 in and 360 out of the toblerone, jibbing with a frontside boardslide 270 out of the park.
Groms waiting for their runs (photo by Gustav Ohlsson)
The social activity program included an Analog Photo Workshop, a Gummi Love Workshop as well as an amazing presentation of one of the fathers of snowboarding: Chuck Barfoot! The snowboard legend presented the history of snowboard design. In his workshop, the participants got to know about how he and Tom Sims constructed their first snowboards in 1978 and how they developed them to the models that the Groms and Rookies ride today.
Results Qualifications Grom Girls
Results Qualifications Grom Boys
Enjoy the movie of the arrival day, Grom qualifications and analog photo workshop here:

2014 World Rookie Tour Finals Ischgl – Qualification Groms + Analog Photo Workshop from Board.tv on Vimeo.


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