Results of Snowboard Park DAY - Brasil

We are so stoked to announce that Brazilian Snowboard Community did history, again!! For the first time ever in Brazil, went down an amazing slopestyle realized on the real snow. Organized by an independent crew of Brazilians snowboarders and with the full support of Snowland (the first and only one snowdome in the South America), the event brought together in Gramado (a small and charming touristic town in the South of Brazil) riders coming from all over the Brazil, ready to be a part of this historic snowboard event. Showing once more that Brazil is not only a tropical land full fit by surf, beaches and caipirinha, but it is full of active snowboarders engaged to spread the real snowlove.

Thanks you guys, keep it real: by/for riders.
More initiative are scheduled, so be ready and stay tuned on Brazil: winter is coming!


Name: Snowboard Park DAY
Date: Abril, 26 – 2015
Location: Snowland – Gramado, Brasil
Competition: Slopestyle, OPEN – WSF Promotional


1- Amaury Rosa
2 – Esdras Tiki
3 – Rodrigo Ortale

1 – Gabriel Irlandini
2 – Andre Moraes
3 – Jean do Prado Fuckner

1- Isis Dassow
2 – Michelle Schlanger
3 – Maira Okada

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Author: Elisa