Rip Curl Grom Winter Search 2014 - Cerro Catedral, Bariloche. Argentina



Here some more news from the Argentinian national snowboard tour happened in August.

For the second year, the traditional Rip Curl GROM WINTER SEARCH become part of World Snowboarding Tour in South America and it is considered as one of the most respected snowboard events for young riders in Argentina! Edition 2014 went down on Monday 18 in a sunny day with great snow, good dj set and choripán (hamburger…) at Terrain Park, the iconic Cerro Catedral’s snowpark. So after the South America Rookie Fest in Valle Nevado – Chile, also the famous Argentinian ski area near Bariloche city, start to became an important point for all the snowboarders under 18 based in this continent. More info, photos or details about the event (Spanish only), just follow this link –



Snowb Rookie
1° Luciano Villalba
2° Federico Chiaradío
3° Iñaki Odriozola
4° Leo Conforte

Snowb Damas
1° Delfina Leman
2° Chiara Massardi
3° Agustina Soler
4° Wanda Van Donselar

Grom Snowb
1° Agustín Catalán
2° Guido Lapena
3° Santiago Usaj
4° Fran Febus

Snowb Niños
1° Esteban Luengo
2° Lucas Gabriel Vallejos
3° Maximus Petrina
4° Santiago Figueroa

Snowb Niñas
1° Daniela Ribeiro





Author: silvia