Rock The Spot Results

Bardonecchia, Italy, January 20th 2008: For its first time on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour, Rock the Spot, an intensely creative concept put on by the Fiat Freestyle Team and Quiksilver, combining live bands and a sick Superpipe, was a roaring success that pushed the boundaries of a FOUR(4)STAR rated event. Every rider was going huge but it was Finnish rider Peetu Piiroinen who came out on top followed by Markus Malin from Sweden in second and Swiss rider Iouri Podladtchikov in third. Piiroinen now sits at World No. 7 right behind Podladtchikov who is TTR World No. 6, both riders inching closer to the TOP 5.

Made famous by the 2004 Olympics and shaped by Italy’s best pipe constructor Robi Moresi, the Bardonecchia pipe and set up has developed a well-earned reputation as one of the best pipes in the world. With the pipe situated at the base of the mountain and a full music stage to its right, the combination of live bands and insane riding kept the 10,000-strong crowd entertained through out the 5-hour program.

Above-freezing temperatures during the day led to an icy pipe in the evening, but already in training the level of riding was out of control. Amplitude being the keyword, straight airs were approaching 5 meters out, with spins under 4 meters not even turning heads.

Two jam-format heats cut the twelve-man Semi-Finals down to a two run, twelve-man final before a two run, six-man, Super Final. After leaving an insane Burton European Open Halfpipe final only the day before, expectations were blown away as the finalists added serious Rock to their Roll, pulling out all the stops in an amplitude and music filled sensational climax.

The riders were going off. Peetu Piiroinen from Finland dominated the competition, linking a FS 7, to a BS 5 right into a huge FS Air, followed by a BS 9 and ending with an Alley-oop Chuck Huck 5. Markus Malin grabbed second with sick combos, starting off with a solid FS Air, into a BS 5, into a BS 7, right into a huge Cab 10 to flat, ending with a BS 7. Iouri Podladtchikov rounded out the podium with a highly technical run composed of a FS 10, into a Cab 10, followed by a FS Air, a BS 9, and finishing off with a sweet FS 7.

The best trick of the night went to New Zealand’s James Hamilton who stomped a massive Cab 10 and is now TTR World No. 13, while the highest air of the night went to Stefano Munari of Italy. Other runs of note: Frederik Austbo (NOR) going huge all night with combo 7s, TTR World No. 15 Markku Koski’s (FIN) huge back-to-back 10s, TTR World No. 11 Markus Keller (SUI) and his sick floaty style, and Janne Korpi simply going big and sitting at TTR World No 14. Words won’t do justice to the level and shear quality of the riding on offer – let’s just say, think big!

As riders were preparing to party and collect their share of the 60,000 Euro prize purse, the final band, Julietet & The Licks came on to round out the night. Without doubt, the 20th of January saw Bardonecchia represent the Spot where snowboarding Rocked!

Author: mucca