Roger Hjelmstadstuen as new Norwegian head coach

After teen years as a pro Roger Hjelmstadstuen (27) is probably more stoked on snowboarding than ever. And that is exactly why he now is taking on new challenges becoming head coach for the Norwegian National snowboard team. Roger teams up with new sports manager Vidar Nyhus (38), and The Norwegian Snowboard Association (NSA) is confident that the new duo will secure spot on development for young Norwegian talents and elite riders in the years to come.

– We are incredible happy to get them on board, says Annika Johnsson, General Secretary of the NSA. – Since former head coach Petter Levin ended his career at the Norwegian team after Torino, we’ve spent a lot of time developing a new team structure, as well as finding the right people.

Roger Hjelmstadstuen aiming for more snowboard happiness

The mellow Scandinavian, who along with epic video parts is known for spinning his way up on the podium in Japan and USA, was roaming around back home in Lillehammer planning for a new pro season when the opportunity unfolded.

– I was super stoked on the idea right away. Being a snowboard pro for a decade I knew that at one point I had to start thinking about doing something new. I am so glad I found a way to use what I have learned all these years – at the same time that I have a lot to learn, says Roger.

– I think the most fun part of my new job will be to help young riders that want to become the best, and give them what they need to get there, he says. – Now I hope that Vidar and I can pass on the fun of snowboarding to the younger generation! Roger concludes.

Building a new Norwegian national team
– Along with established pros such as Kjersti Buaas, Andreas Ygre Wiig, Fredrik Austbø and Mikkel Bang, there are also plenty of Norwegian riders knocking at the door, says Roger Hjelmstadstuen. – We’re going to broaden our perspective a bit and put more weight on slope style, not only half pipe and boarder cross.

– At this point we carefully need to look more at every single rider, boys and girls, Roger explains; – It will be key to find motivated riders that want to become a little bit better every day for the next four years. If so, then we will do all we can to support them to get where they want.

The New Norwegian National Snowboard Team will be announced soon!

Author: mucca