Salomon Backyard Bang in the Nederlands

In october was held the Salomon backyard bang in Europe, the first WSF-TTR event in Holland as well! It was held in “The Hague”, Holland, in de Uithof indoorslope The course was sick and the riders were stoked about the setup consisting in rail, kicker and wallride.

The level was really high, there were even a few riders from czech republik. Good tricks have been done by the riders, like frontblunt to back board 270 outs on the rail, rodeo’s,switchs 720’s cab 9 and even a cab 10 on the kicker! and crazy combo’s on the wallride. The dj’s were taking care of some good music on the slope.

After the finals it was time for the prize giving, and after that it was time for the party with free beer for everybody! Next year we are back, even bigger and better then this year!

This contest was not possible without the sponsors: Salomon, Bonfire, Red bull, 015 boards and lifestyle, Ripstar and de Uithof.


1. Britte van der Pouw
2. Evelien van de Bergh Jeths
3. Mandy Langbroek
4. Kim Stuffer
5. Naomi Claessen
6. Anna Janssen
7. Wendy Wijt
8. Lynn Uitvlugt
9. Sanne Allesma

1 Pim Stigter
2 Steve Krijbolder
3 Chico de Reus
4 Jesper Kicken
5 Bas Mons
6 Joris Nijdeken
7 Jeroen Muijs
8 Cees Wille
9 Joey van Essen
10 Kevin Kannekens
11 Bob van Unnik
12 Mike van de Ende
13 Tamor Roos
14 Gino Rupp
15 Mick Veen
16 Steven Willemsen
17 Barry Muijen
18 Marshall Taylor
19 Ben Chritovao
20 Sean Taylor
21 Richard de Ruiter
22 Jeroen Klokgieters
23 Aston Engelmees
24 Michiel Roukens
25 Jan Willems van Kempen
26 Mathias Bos
27 Lennart Muller
28 Bart Falhaber
29 Mambry Wakum
30 Reno Langelaar
31 Jacob van Ooijen
32 Bjorn Tilburgs
33 Amory Engelmeers
34 Taylor Berkmans
35 Joshua Pires
36 Michael Barnhoorn
37 Davey Steenbergen
38 Thomas Lanbe
39 Wes Dekkers
40 Alex Blange
41 Daniel Thio
42 Menno Touwen
43 Tobias van der Zwan
44 Mike Mulder

Photo by Jarno Schurgers

Author: mucca