Sudden Rush Laax 2015

Banked Slalom Open by Terje Haakonsen & Nicolas Müller!

Banked slalom is one of the oldest disciplines in snowboarding. The banked turns vary in size and the gates are positioned in the middle. The banked turns are not only a reference to the waves that surfers ride – they originated over 25 years ago and allowed snowboarders to perform quick turns even then, despite the edges and bindings not being as advanced as they are today.


The Sudden Rush Banked Slalom in Laax is therefore a genuine classic. To do justice to its status, the event will be presented by some of snowboarding’s true legends. Presenters Terje Håkonsen and Nicolas Müller are two of the undoubted masters of snowboarding style.

At the Sudden Rush Banked Slalom in Laax you can enjoy races in a number of categories as well as hang out and party with other snowboard fans. The Sunday is dedicated to families and kids – a chance for the older generation of snowboarders to race with and against their children!

Snowboarders only!


Freitag 06.03.2015
19.30 Uhr Welcome Night, Indy Bar

Samstag 07.03.2015
10.00 Uhr Open Banked Slalom, Crap Masegn
16.00 Uhr Prize-Giving, Crap Sogn Gion
23.00 Uhr Official Event Bash, Riders Palace

Sonntag 08.03.2015
10.00 Uhr Kids- & Family-Day, Crap Masegn

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Author: Elisa