The Brits 2008

The national british championship 2008, aka “The Brits”, were successufully done in Laax. With competitions in slope style, big air, boardercross and slope style, this event saw all the best british riders challeningin for the national titles. Follows the report while in the video section you can download for free all the TV special about this amazing event.

James Foster and Zoe Gillings Triumph in Trespass Snowboardcross
****The Trespass British Snowboardcross Championships****

The 2008 British Snowboard and Freeski Championships got underway today with one of the fastest and most exciting snowboardcross events in recent memory. In keeping with BRITS tradition, sunshine welcomed competitors to the start gates to compete in the Tresspass British Snowboardcross Championships which witnessed over 90 snowboarders going head to head down the challenging course until only the fastest remained to battle it out in the adrenalin fuelled finals. Snowsports GB Team members, James Foster and Zoe Gillings dominated the day’s competition, both claiming the top spots as well as the two fastest race times of the competition.

“It’s great to be back at the BRITS after unfortunately missing last year’s”, said Zoe Gillings. “So I am so excited at winning a gold medal at this year’s championships and it is a fun way to end a great season.”

In the women’s final, it was fast out of the start gates for the four Snowsports GB team members making for a tight and highly competitive race and a hard one to call. However, it was clear very early on that Zoe had the gold in her sights as she took a fast lead, which she held for the entire race following an amazingly solid run. Despite Zoe’s long lead, the other finalists, Ivy Taylor, Lesley McKenna and Kate Foster also all had solid fast runs, ready to steal the lead at any possible opportunity. Despite their persistence, Zoe’s textbook riding kept her in front and deservedly won her the gold, with Ivy coming in a close second, Lesley third and Kate in fourth.

The men’s final was just as competitive with all eager to be first out of the gates to get an advantageous lead. James Foster, who had won all of his earlier heats and got the fastest time of the days competition, got away from the others first with a great start and a lead which he held onto for the entire race securing him the top spot and the title. The rest of the riders all had solid faultless runs and continued to try and close the gap on James but his impressive run, in which he also had time to pull a cheeky shifty on the last jump of the course, meant no one got the chance to steal his lead. Second over the finish line was Michael Arrowsmith, followed by George Springfield and in fourth place Ben Knox.

Trespass British Snowboardcross Championships Results:
1st – James Foster, East Sussex
2nd – Michael Arrowsmith, Dorset
3rd – George Springfield, Devon
4th – Ben Knox, London

1st – Zoe Gillings, Isle of Man
2nd – Ivy Taylor, Cheshire
3rd – Lesley McKenna, Aviemore
4th – Kate Foster, East Sussex

Nate Kern and Claire Frost Take Slopestyle Titles
****Animal British Snowboard Slopestyle Championships 2008****

The final event of the BRITS 2008, the Animal British Slopestyle Championships opened up to fresh snow and blue skies on Friday 4th April after being rescheduled from the day before due to poor weather conditions. A record number of 106 riders competed and an amazingly high standard of rail and kicker riding combinations were thrown down.

The younger generation of shredders set the standard during the qualification rounds with 14 year old Jamie Nicholls and 16 year old Amiee Fuller qualifying in top spot through to the final. Youngster Matt Mcwerta also made it through to the top eight men final, progressing through the ranks after being introduced to snowboarding through the AIM Series Schools Tour only three years previously.

In the Men’s final it was 2006 Slopestyle Champion Nate Kern who took the 2008 Animal British Slopestyle Championships a record number of 101 competitors. An amazing standard of rail and kicker riding combinations were displayed, with the younger generation of shredders impressing all and raising the level of British snowboarding, with the crowd anticipated as to what run combinations were going to be pulled out of the bag for the final day of competition.

before. poor weather to Due to bad weather and high winds the final event of the BRITS 2008, the Animal British Slopestyle Championships was rescheduled for Friday 4th April moved to Friday 4th April and opened the Fresh snow and blue skiers opened the rescheduled day was postponed and took pl The second day of the British Freeski Championships saw stylish, skilful and solid runs as the best of British freeskiers attacked the course for the Animal British Slopestyle Championships, with James Webb and Emma Lonsdale taking home the gold and the glory.

Due to bad weather delaying the start of the contest, it was decided that there wouldn’t be a final and that the skiers would have two chances to put together a winning run. The women’s competition was dominated by reigning Animal British Slopestyle Champion, Emma Lonsdale, who was also fresh from gaining gold in the previous days Halfpipe Championships and was eager to add a second medal of the week to her impressive collection. With a winning run including a lipside unnatural onto the box followed by a switch 180, 360 and 180 over the kickers, she was destined to take the top spot. Teri Spencer scooped the silver with her smooth rail riding finishing her run with solid 360’s over the kickers whilst third place went to Becky Hammond with a selection of solid 360’s.

In the men’s contest, competitiveness was high and everyone was pulling out all the stops in the hope of winning the coveted title. It was regular competitor and winner on the British Snow Tour, James Webb, who was crowned the king of the Animal British Slopestyle Championships, after his impressive run consisting of a 270 on 270 off on the rails followed by a switch 900, 540 and switch 720 mute off of the kickers, much to the delight of the crowd and judges. A very deserving second spot went to youngster James Woods after pulling out a 270 on 270 off and 450 on the rails before finishing off his run with a 720, unnatural rodeo and switch 720 over the kickers. Joe Murrell took the final podium position with a 270 on the rail followed by a switch bio 720, a very impressive switch bio 900 finished off with a rodeo 720.

Animal British Slopestyle Championships Results
1st – James Webb, Bracknell
2nd – James Woods, Sheffield
3rd – Joe Murrell, Devon

1st – Emma Lonsdale, North Yorkshire
2nd – Teri Spencer, Weymouth
3rd – Becky Hammond, Sheffield

New Names Take 2008 Quiksilver Big Air Titles
*** Quiksilver British Big Air Championships***

The Quiksilver British Big Air Championships opened day two of competition at the BRITS 2008, Laax Switzerland with over 100 riders attacking the 7, 14 and 20 metre kickers. New comers to the BRITS, Richard Hookes and Claire Frost stepped it up to take the overall 2008 Quiksilver Big Air Championship titles.

It was a close competition during the eight men final with only one point separating the top six placings. New to the BRITS and unsponsored rider Richard Hookes, threw down a huge cab 900, switch tail, to walk away with the overall men’s title, not bad for his first BRITS appearance! Second place went to British Snowboard Team member, Ben Kilner, who was riding super strong all day and perfectly landed a text book corked backside 720. Nelson Pratt took third place after he pulled out a stylish cab 900.

A relative newcomer on the scene, Claire Frost made her mark in the women’s final when she landed two textbook backside 540’s to take the 2008 Quiksilver Big Air title. Samantha Rogers, who had been riding strong all day, pulled a big frontflip out of the bag on her final jump, and received a mighty cheer from the crowd and second place. Third place went to Lynsey Ashdown after she landed a clean frontside 540.

Quiksilver British Big Air Championships Results
1st – Richard Hookes, Nottingham
2nd – Ben Kilner, Aviemore
3rd – Nelson Pratt, Hampshire

1st – Claire Frost, Edinburgh
2nd – Sam Rogers, Reading
3rd – Lynsey Ashdown, Cheshire

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