The report of the Burton Park Jam Tour

After white out blizzard conditions cancelled Saturdays events, Sunday produced a blue bird day for the South African stop of the Burton Park Jam tour.
Due to the weather delay we pushed all riders into a 3 run final with top two runs counting toward overall classification.

The 24 male riders and 7 female riders pushed their skill level to the maximum on the newly extended Afriski Park. Each rider pushing the next to up their level of riding and grab the TTR points on offer, this being the first time that riders were able to compete for TTR points.

As the day progressed the wind picked up making the jumps in the park harder to ride, but this didn’t stop the young guns from putting down back to back spins on the bottom jumps as well as some super smooth rail riding.
The most consistent rider of the day was with out a doubt Dean Van Greunen, throwing a back flip as-well as back three nose grab in his best run.Luke Dutton owned the rail garden spinning clean 270’s on the rails and smooth back lips on the down bar.

The level of the amateur riders has been significantly lifted thanks to the international influence of the Burton Park Jam Tour and judging by the level of stoke at the end of the competition we can only anticipate an even better competition next year.

Burton Park Jam Tour 2012 woman’s division

1st – Vannessa Jackson
2nd – Nathalie Scott
3rd – Zoe Goodbrand

Burton Park Jam Tour 2012 junior woman’s division
1st – Kate Dutton

Burton Park Jam Tour 2012 men’s division
1st – Dave Phillips
2nd – Jonathan Herbst
3rd – Chad Laybourne

Burton Park Jam Tour 2012 junior mens division
1st – Dean Van Grenen
2nd – Luke Dutton
3rd – Graham Sepatta

Author: silvia