TTR 6 Star Events 0708

TTR announce it’s main events for next season: 6 event at 6 star level.

The TTR General Assembly in May decided to cap the premium FIVE(5) and SIX(6) STAR event tiers on the 07/08 TTR World Snowboard Tour to consolidate the considerable progress made over the course of last season. This decision ruled that a maximum of six events at the SIX(6) STAR tier and ten events at the FIVE(5) STAR tier will be accredited for the upcoming 07/08 season. This, combined with the largest number of high value event properties applying to join the Tour on all levels, has made the difficult application process careful and considered. Following lengthy deliberation, the TTR Board is pleased to announce the official Men’s 07/08 TTR World Snowboard Tour SIX(6) STAR Calendar.

The accreditation process reviewed event applications evaluating major factors such as past performance, riding infrastructure, communication, event organization, TV product, rider participation, geographical balance, media services, judging and riding formats – amongst others. Each event on the SIX(6) STAR tier also guarantees to secure a minimum of

Author: silvia