USA Nationals Champs 06

Final event of the american snowboard calendar was in North Star at the beginning of april 06. In Lake Tahoe, California, more than 1400 riders (and other 3.000 people like friends, relatives and media) join the USASA Nationals: 5 different disciplines and more than 10 age group to realize the biggest snowboard event of the world.

Some pics from the half pipe junior competition

The organization was very good, with a program that consist every day of different age competition in different tracks, so everybody can run every discipline. Giant and double slalom, half pipe, boardercross and slope style. Every evening there were the daily prize giving in the center of NorthStar: in 6 day, more than 400 medals where assigned in front of thousand of passionate riders.

Freestyle is for everybody: junior, kids and, no question, adaptive too!

To join the USASA National, is necessary to run before one of the 38 USA Series, arriving in the top 3 of one category. Riders from other country can join the competition in the “Open Class”. It’s of course an impressive event with riders from 6 to 60 years of age, and a good riding level in the most interesting categories (beetwen the 14 and 30 years and the open class). There was also an adaptive category and i think this is the only snowboard competition in the world with this.

Many riders still love racing format!

The general prize money of the competition was about 10.000

Author: silvia