World Rookie Rank – 2019/20 season


Kids Event


25 March 2020

World Rookie Rank – 2019/20 season


Kids Event

Date And Time

25 March 2020

We are happy to present the World Rookie Rank for the 2019/20 season! In the following article we answer to the questions which may arise. In the meantime, the youngsters may strap in!

What is the WSF World Rookie Rank?

  • The World Rookie Rank is a classification for riders 18 and under through the WSF and the WSPL
  • Through a partnership with WSF and the World Rookie Tour, results from the WRR will qualify athletes for the World Rookie Finals
  • Selected winners of various WRT events will also compete in the finals of the World Rookie Tour
  • Winners of the World Rookie Finals will be awarded with the title of World Rookie Champion

Athletes are then offered a unique opportunity to enter the world of professional snowboarding through various filming and events invitations reserved exclusively for World Rookie Champions. This gives the young riders an amazing platform to develop their future snowboarding careers.

The average of the best 3 results generate the overall rider’s points in the World Rookie Rank and World Grom Rank used as one of the qualification criteria for the 2020 World Rookie Finals.

Only the best rookies in the world will be granted access to the World Rookie Tour big final: the “World Rookie Finals” in Kitzsteinhorn at Zell am See-Kaprun, Austria.

What are the goals of World Rookie Rank & World Rookie Tour?

  • Serve each nation with a true World Rookie Rank that will grow participation in the events
  • Develop momentum and brand loyalty with WSF to then build and support WSF Mission and Values
  • Partnering with the already established WRT and Yeti brand builds on strengths and already existing network
  • Through qualifying events WSF can help to populate the WRT finals and create a new revenue stream in partnership with WRT
  • Promote inclusion for non-FIS aged event schedule via the WSPL through the WSF for a nominal fee
  • Qualification pathway to World Rookie Finals

What are the benefits of the WSF World Rookie Rank?

  • Incorporate existing WRT to raise event value
  • Qualify to higher level events through regional WSF/WRR competitions
  • Build a global network of events and riders
  • More than 1000 riders out of 30 Nations on the rank in the 2018/19 season
  • Focus on age appropriate in line with WSF Mission and Vison
  • Provide access to WSPL for non-FIS events
  • Offer national young riders more opportunities to qualify for the World Rookie Finals

What are the requirements for the WSF World Rookie Rank?

  • Nations pay WSF for WRR events on the WSPL
    Both Regional or National Level is possible – see WSPL Requirements for Regional and National Level Events
    $50 per event and discipline
    Slopestyle – Rookie + Grom – Male + Female Results – $50
    Slopestyle + Halfpipe – Rookie + Grom – Male + Female Results – $100
  • Results have to be submitted not later than 48 hours after the event in this provided Results Template
    (the year of birth of athletes is necessary)
  • Only WSF Members (nations or events) can apply for World Rookie Rank

What are the qualifying criteria for the World Rookie Snowboard Finals?


  • Rookies (boys and girls) born from the 1st of January 2002 to the 31st of December 2004
  • Groms (boys and girls) born from the the 1st of January 2005 and younger

WSF Members:
Riders must be from WSF member nations to be considered.

Qualification – World Rookie Final:

  • Top 20 riders of the World Rookie Rank (top 20 male, top 20 female) + the top 10 riders from the Grom rank by the of March 25th 2020 will qualify.
  • The top 3 riders, both male and female / Rookie and Grom, from the previous international stops are already qualified to the World Rookie Finals. (see WRT Calendar)
  • Additional WSF Member Criteria. – 2 Rookies Men, 2 Rookie Girl, 1 GromMan, 1 Grom Girl.

To sum it up, this platform is and will be without a doubt one of the key platforms for the young up-and-coming riders and generally the well-being of the snowboarding world which relies on those youngsters!

See or download the relevant Powerpoint presentation here.

To submit more events at once USE THIS MULTI EVENT FORM. Please send the form then back to
Make sure to always include the year of birth of the competitors (not the full date).

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