World Rookie Rank Launched

On line the first official test for the World Rookie Rank, developed by WSF in association with the Swatch TTR World Pro Tour as a qualifing criteria to enter the Protest World Rookie Finals 2009.

The World Rookie Rank is a classification for under 18’s only and it is developed by World Snowboard Federation in collaboration with Swatch TTR World Pro Tour. The average of the best 3 results from affiliated events to the World Rookie Tour will generate the overall riders point in the World Rookie Rank.

On April 5th 2009, the top 32 riders of the World Rookie Rank will be nominated and, together with the winners of the previous qualifiers events, will be admitted at the Swatch TTR 4Star “Protest World Rookie Final 2009” , the most important rookie event world wide where the World Rookie Champions will be awarded.

To check the first draft of the World Rookie Rank click on the image.

Author: mucca