WSF TEAM UPDATE: May we introduce? Michael Leyendecker, the WSF Anti-Doping Officer

In 2022 Michael Leyendecker from Germany took over the role as WSF Anti-Doping Officer. What does this mean exactly? Together with the WSF Board Michael is informing riders in the best possible way about doping rules as well as sensitizing them about the importance of Anti-Doping. Michael accompanies and supports young athletes on their road to clean top performances. His mission is to make sure they keep their love for Snowboarding despite some hurdles when it comes to Anti-Doping.

Michael brings a lot to the table for this position with a background in many sports associations and also experience as Doping Control Officer. And of course a love for snowboarding, especially being fond of the joy and ease our sport conveys.

Say hello to him when you meet him somewhere on the mountain!

Contact Michael:

Author: Birgit