WSF BANKED SLALOM TOUR: Full house for Banked Bakony 2024 (HUN)


Banked Slalom

WSF BANKED SLALOM TOUR: Full house for Banked Bakony 2024 (HUN)


Banked Slalom

Despite the unusual weather conditions in February organizers were able to hold the event and created a super fun spring session in the banks. Once again, the Eplény Ski Arena hosted the eagerly awaited Banked Bakony freestyle meeting, showcasing a fusion of various snowboarding styles. This year’s event saw a remarkable turnout, with 128 riders competing across eight categories on Saturday. The youngest participant was a mere seven years old, while the oldest rider, aged 56, demonstrated their enduring passion. In addition to the Hungarian snowboarders, the competition welcomed participants from Austria, Germany, Romania, Wales, UK, USA and even from Argentina.


The banked slalom, a distinctive and increasingly popular discipline in snowboarding, took center stage. Riders navigated a thrilling course adorned with banked turns, undulating waves, and other custom-built features, vying for the best time. The Banked Bakony is part of the WSF Banked Slalom tour, cementing its status on the official competition calendar. The organizers harbored a clear objective: to establish a cherished tradition, showcase the beauty of the Bakony region to both visitors and competitors, and put the Eplény Ski Arena on the international snowboarding map.


“We aimed to organize an internationally acclaimed event in Eplény, where not only competitors but also friends and spectators could revel in the experience. The competition format is highly captivating and easily comprehensible for all, even those unfamiliar with snowboarding. Descending the course mirrors the sensation of riding a wave, creating an exhilarating experience for the riders. Meanwhile, the spectators are treated to lively commentary, cold beer and delectable hotdogs. The presence of foreign riders elevated the event to new heights and witnessing the fun and passion they express towards snowboarding was truly inspiring for the local riders and rippers.” shared Gergő Koczka, the main organizer of the event.


Jake Simpson, winner of the Elite Men category was crowned by the defending champion Boti Fricz, who was forced to skip this year’s jam due to a knee injury. The british rider was hyped on holding the legendary “Wild Boar” trophy of Banked Bakony high and claimed the victory and whole weekend experience as an unforgettable trip.


“The entire ‘Banked’ weekend was an incredible experience! It felt fantastic, but also inconceivable to snowboard in Hungary. When we arrived, Thursday night, we immediately joined the shaper crew and took part in the digging. The course they created was super fun and technical. I loved the tight corners and chest high banks. It felt like surfing and jibbing at the same time! Totally unique experience combined with the crazy night time parties.” said Jake Simpson, the winner of the men’s Elite category, who was accompanied by his fellow brother, Joe Simpson.


The race in the Open Women category was also very interesting, dominated by the celebrated German super star snowboarder, Annika Morgan who joined the event directly from the X Games, Aspen.


“It was a truly unique experience to shred the local mountain of Eplény. I’ve never been here before, but the picturesque surroundings and beautiful forest just amazed us. Not to mention the banked slalom course, which felt super fun to ride and had a good flow. It was great to come to Hungary to take a break from the major contests and chill with my international friends for the weekend.” claimed Annika Morgan, the winner of the Open women’s category and X Games medalist.



The Banked Bakony Freestyle Meeting once again etched its mark on the snowboarding landscape, delivering unforgettable moments and fostering a vibrant community. As the event concluded, participants and spectators alike departed with memories to cherish and a shared anticipation for future editions.


Elite Men

  1. Jake Simpson (GBR)  27.03
  2. Antonio de Brauw (ARG) 27.49
  3. Zoltan Reisz (ROU) 27.56


Open Women

  1. Annika Morgan (GER) 28.35
  2. Emma Toth (HUN) 29.21
  3. Blanca Brunner (HUN) 29.32


Open Men

  1. Balint Fodor (HUN) 28.77
  2. Gergely Masek (HUN) 28.82
  3. Zoltan Farkas (HUN) 29.23


Masters Gentlemen

  1. Gabor Hodacs (HUN) 29.76
  2. Mariano Gibert (ARG) 29.89
  3. Balazs Barsony (HUN) 30.30


Fastest Hungarian

  1. Benedek Nemeth (HUN) 28.38


Foto-Credits: (c) Hungarian Snowboard Federation