WSF Events Calendar 2007-08

New season already started! The first results from Australia are already uploaded into the TTR ranking list 07/08 and WSF is now waiting for last applications for 1 Star and 2 Star events from National Snowboard Associations to complete the official calendar.

Stian Aanestad at Livigno World Rookie Fest 2007 (by Eleonora Raggi)

WSF well represented on the TTR ranking
Compared to the first season of the ranking, in 0607 WSF had a significant grow of events included in TTR coming from member nations: 12 nations organized in total 81 competitions (plus some amazing 3-star events like the World Rookie Fests, the Austrian Masters and the BGV Fest in Russia).
The number of riders on the ranking list coming from WSF was more than 2.000 on a total of 3.000: 168 girls and 1835 boys.
The corresponding figures from last season were 6 Associations, 28 competitions and 356 riders: WSF grow more than 400%!
All events are freestyle, 61% Slopestyle, 25% Halfpipe, 12% Big Air and 2% Quaterpipe…hopefully some WSF boardercross events will be included in next calendar!

At World Rookie Fests 2008 the moster get wings (by Armin Popp)

“Star System Guidelines” All nations can participate with an unlimited number of 1 and 2 star events in the WSF calendar according to the “Star System Guidelines” developed with TTR to find the correct level of the competition. We need to improve this evaluation process to make sure events are correct categorized.

BGV Fest 2007 in Russia was great! What will happen at 2008 edition?

WSF calendar on the web site
A WSF calendar will be published on the WSF web site early November: all events registered by the Associations will be on the calendar. We also plan to publish a new Event Bios Section on the web site to provide all event’s info to the riders and media.

Pinky Jam was the first WSF only female event. Go Girls! (by Eleonora Raggi)

A Message from WSF president Gunnar Tveit
“I hope that we can have another successful season with participation on the TTR World Tour Ranking. And just to be clear, there is only one ranking list. All WSF registered events approved for the TTR World Snowboard Tour give points for this ranking list. One Tour for men and one for women. All events on all levels are part of the same calendar and only freestyle formats are accepted by TTR.
“We know that the riders find it very motivating to be on this “Rookie to Pro” ranking and more events in a nation, better chance for the riders to advance on the list. We can just hope for a more stable winter season this year.
I welcome new and experienced nations to be part of the ranking and if you have question, please let us know.”
Gunnar Tveit.

Adaptive Snowboard boardercross at USASA Nationals. Respect! (by Ciccio Neuro)

For any information about WSF calendar and events contact the president Mr. Gunnar Tveit at

Author: mucca