WSF held CHANGE Workshop in Zurich

Successful In-Person Workshop in Zurich during WSF Technical Meetings

In the context of the WSF Technical Meetings in Zurich,  the annual meeting kicked off on September 24th with the CHANGE Workshop, as part of WSF’s contribution to the ERASMUS+ funded project.

The workshop is part of a bigger project, the ERASMUS+ funded ENGSO led project “Change”.

Main aims of the project are promoting good governance in sport by equipping the organized grassroot sports movement with knowledge and expertise on innovation and change management while focusing on building resilience and environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The held workshop is one of two workshops in the context of the project with the main question “How do we build competitive and relevant sports organizations to enable long term development?”. Main aim of the held workshop was to gain information on the state of the European grassroot sports movement. Special focus was put on challenges and opportunities faced by the grassroot sports movement, in particular the WSF.



All together 18 members of the WSF participated in the workshop. A world café format for the workshops helped the participants to engage in the discussions and dive into the questions. Climate change and lack of financial support were detected as main challenges.

Also, the group had a chance to look into a desirable future. The stakes are high, motivation is top, time is running – the wish is clear “a clear, understandable, and viewing accessible world snowboard tour, an understanding of youth for the sport pathway & see their participation or competition participation can lead to a bright future, e.g.: scholarships, jobs, #01 winter sport in the world.

Dream big and go high!


More about CHANGE.

Author: Birgit