Meet Norbert Rubicsek, the WSF Integrity Commissioner

Norbert Rubicsek joined us in 2022 as WSF Integrity Commissioner. He and his team at CSCF also played an essential part in the Erasmus+SafeShred project the WSF just finished. In his role as WSF Integrity Commissioner he covers a wide field of integrity-related issues. He wants you to know that „the implemented measure are there for the riders, not against them“. 

Find out more about this motivation and background in the interview below.

And be assured that Norbert will always have an open ear for your concerns: 


What is your job as Integrity Commissioner , what do you do exactly?

  • Support the EXCOM in strategic and policy decisions regarding integrity-related issues.
  • Draft integrity-related legal documents.
  • Handle whistle-blowing reports (coming soon).
  • Handle integrity cases.
  • Liaise with disciplinary and law enforcement agencies.

What do you find appealing about this role?

To help WSF protect the riders and itself, and to equip WSF against integrity issues while ensuring that riders and officials understand the potential dangers they may face and how to protect themselves.

What kind of background do you need for a role like this? 

I have 22 years of law enforcement experience, with 20 of those years dedicated to fighting organized crime. Additionally, I am a qualified lawyer.

Anything you would like to share with WSF members and riders and interested parties? 

Guys, the integrity measures are here for you, to protect you, not against you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or WSF if you have any issues that need to be resolved.

What fascinates you about snowboarding?

I love the way everyone in snowboarding approaches life and the sport: with a lot of humor, coolness, and less seriousness than we usually have. There is a lot to learn.

Author: Birgit