WSF South America Tour 2013

After the great success of the last year’s WSF South America Tour, the 2013 competition calendar promises another amazing season for snowboarders in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Brazils.

The WSF South America Tour 2013 made again a huge development and is packed with a bunch of 3 Star World Snowboard Tour events – as well as 1 and 2 Star Level – for all age classes and gender.

WSF South America Calendar 2013

07/21/2013 Rip Curl Grom Winter Search Cerro Catedral Bariloche (ARG) SS 3STR
07/26/2013 Roxy Slope Style Cerro Chapelco (ARG) SS 3STR
07/27/2013 Quicksilver Snow Jam Cerro Chapelco (ARG) SS 3STR
07/27/2013 Columbia Snow Challenge Valle Nevado (CHI) SS 3STR
07/28/2013 Lippi Rey del Park El Colorado (CHI) BA/SS 3STR
07/28/2013 This is snowboarding Big Air Pro Cerro Chapelco (ARG) BA 3STR
08/03/2013 Roxy Snow Jam Valle Nevado (CHI) SS 2STR
08/03/2013 Snowtravel Southamerica Challenge La Hoya (ARG) BA/SS 3STR
08/20/2013 South America Rookie Fest Valle Nevado (CHI) SS 3STR
TBA Inka Challenge Macchu Picchu (PER) BA 2STR

South America Ranking
All events will count to the South America Ranking provided by the World Snowboard Federation.

The South America Snowboard Committee
The South America Snowboard Committee brings together the South America Snowboard community by working together to establish one common goal of growing the sport of snowboarding in South America with the riders at the centre of their planning.
A new South America Snowboard Ranking was created last year and was tested during the 2012 seasonand will be mplemented as a full ranking system for the 2013 season with opportunities for riders to qualify for international events.

All infos from the WSF South America Commitee can be found udner which includes information on the latest news, competition calendar, and rider ranking.

Author: silvia