WSF and TTR General Assembly Report

WSF GA 2015 just ended here in Vienna and 2 busy days quickly passed away for the people who attended its 14th edition: representatives of 21 nations coming from all around the world came together to discuss the current state and the future of snowboarding.

Marco Sampaoli presented the highlights of the 2014/15 season including the 10th anniversary of the World Rookie Tour and the huge success of the WSF Banked Slalom Tour, made of 21 events held in 8 nations.


The panel discussions and workshops included also presentations by WSF Judges coordinator Iztok Sumatic and IJC founding member Tom Wagener and the South America Tour: NSA’S remain in their highly important role as networking resource, education platform, athlete sponsorship and more.

WSF GA day 2 kicked off with a joint session with TTR Pro Snowboarding: Anna-Maria Strittmatter and Boris Kilvinger presented their study on Freestyle Snowboarding, followed by Reto Lamm and Dirk Lösch discussion about the current state of TTR: promises and positive ideas are marking a new chapter for the World Snowboard Tour and a new approach is working towards creating more “quality glue” that holds snowboarding together.

wsf-ttr-ga-2015_03Meinhard Trojer

Meinhard Trojer explained the qualification criteria for the Yabuli Championships in 2016 and, at the end of the day, Henning Andersen and Hilde Rasch took the stage to talk about the upcoming XGames in Oslo.


Saturday afternoon, votings took place and a new board had been elected with a brand new president:

Meinhard Trojer (AUT) President
Cecilia Flatum (NOR) Vice-President
Marco Sampaoli (ITA) Vice-President
Ishihara Shigeru (JPN) Treasurer
Miriam Hanna Deller (CHN) Board Member
Sacha Giger (SUI) Board Member
Robert Joncas (CAN) Board Member
Gian Luca Zanetti (ITA) Deputy Board Member


Stay tuned on WSF website for upcoming news, photo gallery and to read the minutes of the WSF GA that it will be online soon.

WSF Press Team

About the World Snowboard Federation

The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) is the international organization exclusively working to develop the sport of snowboarding at all levels. Program areas include: competitions, Para-Snowboard, judge and shapers, education and certification, and snowboard activities for riders of every age. The WSF represents a network of National Snowboard Associations (NSAs) who work together at a worldwide level to promote the development of snowboarding. NSA members can find a source of inspiration and support from the WSF for the activities they are conducting within their nation and by working towards the same goal: progression of snowboarding from the ground up. The WSF collaborates with the TTR Pro Snowboarding. Through this collaboration and coordination of events at the World Snowboard Tour, the WSF and the TTR want to create an environment that fosters the development of competitive snowboarding. In February 2012, the WSF and the TTR hosted the inaugural World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo, Norway, an elite level event to be held every four years in alternating cities around the world. 

About TTR Pro Snowboarding and the World Snowboard Tour
TTR Pro Snowboarding strives to promote competitive snowboarding in representing the interests of a professional network of events, athletes, national sport associations and industry partners. A Non-Profit organization, TTR Pro Snowboarding owns the World Snowboard Tour, the World Championships of Snowboarding in partnership with the WSF, and the global ranking system – the World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPLs). Through TTR’s four-tiered tour structure, it encourages, develops and supports rider progression from rookies to world-class athletes, where the Elite level, WST Pro Series events are the ultimate pinnacle of snowboarding.

Author: Elisa