SafeShred is an education program that aims at raising awareness on issues related to ethics among the grassroots riders: they are the future of snowboarding. The topics covered are:

– Manipulation of sports competition

– Doping

– Harassment/Bullying

– Corruption

– Whistleblowing system

– Basic human rights

With this education project, the young riders will be able to understand the basic ethical principles and will be better equipped to act and react when facing these issues. They will also have a better understanding of their basic human rights regarding their sport career.

Why do we need a SafeShred?

Even though snowboarding has not emerged as a traditional “victim” of sport integrity issues such as match-fixing, doping, harassment or corruption as much as other exposed sports (e.g football, tennis or cricket), it does not mean that the world of snowboarding should not be prepared to tackle these issues. On the contrary, the young athletes should be educated to recognise harmful situations and on how to prevent them.

Actually, some cases have already been denounced in terms of bullying (Chloe Kim, Gold medalist in the Winter Olympics 2018 recently suffered racist attacks on her social media accounts) and doping (Bryant Shuey and Nikita Avtaneed, former Universiade gold medallist). Moreover, young riders are also potential targets for match-fixers since betting operators offer to bet on snowboarding.

The WSF riders are specifically vulnerable because:

– they are young,

– their social environment changes constantly, because of the frequent travels to competitions and trainings,

– the financial situation of the federations does not allow to have strong support mechanisms for the athletes,

– the relatives also lack the knowledge and experience to anticipate and face the risks that can emerge from the competitive environment,

– they are exposed to the public by press and social media, and can therefore become the subjects to cyberbullying and other threats,

– the business interest will hit strongly those who will pursue a professional career and expose them to its dangers (corruption, manipulation, doping, etc.)

SafeShred Description