WSF Academy


WSF has been working on a low-level judging platform for the past year and is happy to announce that the new material is ready and available for free. The Judging Platform can be used as the new Judging Training, Test and Clinic for low level events. The education programme and test can be attended until the beginning of January (10th of January). Participants who will score a positive mark during the online test will be invited to the online clinic to pursue a certification to Level C. The Judging platform is open to everybody and free of charge for the winter season 2020/21. FIS and WSF are working together to outline a common pathway for judges that will be presented in fall 2021.

  • Snowboard Judge Education: to enrol and get ready for the Snowboard Judge Education, just click on the following link: Snowboard Judge Education
  • National Training: to enroll and get ready for the National Training Videos, just click on the following link: National Training Videos 2020
  • Head Judge Training: to enrol and get ready for the Head Judge Training, just click on the following link: Snowboard Head Judge Education

For questions or general feedback please write to