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Indy Park Jam Rookie Fest 2015 @ Nekoma, Japan

Last week Nekoma resort was a blast to young riders from all over the country! Almost 50 riders showed up what they have from their small pockets!


The snowpark  started with 2 13m kickers, followed by the rails section: Up flat Down Kink box to Down rail to finish. Also very infant kids enjoyed the 4m and 5m kickers, 4m Flat box and 3m Down rail. Surprisingly most of the riders chose the Pro line!! 2 runs best count and top 7 Girls and 12 Boys straight to the Final. Riders like Rookie Girl Junna Asaya (16) from Chigazaki, Kanagawa.


We saw tricks like Fs 360 to Bs 360 and rail section with 50/50 to Bs board slide to Bs board slide. Rookie Boy Ryo Aizawa (15) from Yokkaichi, Mie. Fs 720 Mute Grab to Bs 900 Mute Grab and Cab 180 in 50 to Fs board slide to Fs board slide then Bs lipslide.

..and the Surprise!! Grom Girl Kokomo Murase (10) from Gifu. Bs 720 to Fs 360 and rail section 50/50 Bs board slide to Bs board slide and Fs 50/50 ! Grom Boy Takeru Otsuka (14) from Atsugi, Kanagawa. Fs 720 Mute grab to Bs 900 Mute grab Cab 180 in Bs board slide to Bs board slide then Fs lip slide nose slide 270 out !!


The rider’s level it has been amazing this year at the Indy Park Jam Rookie Fest! Congrats to all riders with the invitational tickets for the World Rookie Finals in Austria: Grom Girl Kokomo Murase and Grom Boy Takeru Otsuka!!



The innovative Judging System “Digital Scoring Unit” in short name “DSU” was awesome! After last rider we took just 1 min to print the results! ! A huge thanks for who designed “DSU”, Kei Ishii =)


Photo Gallery here.

Enjoy the video of the event!

Girls Results:

1 Kokomo Murase
2 Junna Asaya*
3 Aoi Takahashi*
4 Mao Aizawa*
5 Riri Tarusawa
6 Yuna Komuro
7 Ruki Tomita

*are Rookie

Boys Results:

1 Takeru Otsuka
2 Ryo Aizawa*
3 Atsuhiro Suzuki
4 Mikuto Yamamura*
5 Ryunosuke Tokura*
6 Ryoma Kimata
7 Kose Suzuki
8 Masaki Wakita*
9 Yuta Endo
10 Yahiro Waki*
11 Hayato Otsuka*
12 Yuto Yamada