Collection of existing educational and raising awareness content for the youth on sustainability and climate change, within snowboard associations.

Every person has an individual responsibility towards the environment – in life, and in sport. Sport organisations also have a responsibility in terms of recycling waste, using materials that can be recycled, food that should not be easily thrown away, and above all, providing educational and awareness raising material for its members. The WSF recognized its responsibility and is taking action.

Together with its members, the World Snowboard Federation is seeking to embark on the journey of sustainability and use the power of sport to educate, empower and foster inclusion. In the context of the ERASMUS+ ZERO (Zero Emission Rides Objective) project, lead by the WSF, the project partners put together a collection of existing education and awareness raising content within the partners consortium.

The foreseen Collection of best practice examples is expected to contribute to a more sustainable “World of snowboarding”. It will serve as a tool to raise awareness about the urgency of taking action and the impact of individual and organisational behaviour in our race to a more sustainable future (of sport).

Sustainability is a team effort.

The Collection of best practice examples emphasizes the need for joint promotional activities, especially through social networks, for sport in general, and snowboarding (& winter sport) in specific to impose itself as a leader when it comes to environmental sustainability efforts.

The included examples are good practice examples from the project partners coming from ten different countries. The good practices are distributed in five categories: digitalisation, mountain, equipment & facilities, transportation & education.

This Collection of Best Practices is for anyone who wants to make a positive impact working towards a sustainable (sport) world. Existing good practice examples from different countries should inspire you to replicate different activities in your surroundings.

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Author: Ivana Pranjić

Photo-Credit: Sneeuwsport Vlaanderen


Author: Birgit