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Shred Unit Girls Session will hit Axamer Lizum on the 7th of March

The Shred Unit Girls are inviting you to another Girls Session in Golden Roof Park Axamer Lizum!

“Your frontboard is somehow not yet perfect? It’s about time to learn how to ride a box? You want to do grabs but you struggle reaching there? You just want to spend a nice day in the park and meet other park-rats?  That’s what the SHRED UNIT GIRLS SESSIONS are here for!”

All girls are invited to ride the park together, snowboard coaches will be on site to give useful advice and the phototeam @double_ues is taking professional photos of the session.

You also have the chance to win prizes from Nikita, Eivy and Axamer Lizum at the “Goodies for Tricks Session

Every girl, park addict or rookie, is very welcome to join! Registration is for free and on site.

Check out the Facebook event.

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