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World Rookie Snowboard Finals Set for March 19-25 2023

World Rookie Snowboard Finals | Rookie Winner Hiroto Ogiwara (JPN) | Ph Andreas Amplatz 

Kitzsteinhorn Kaprun will host the best rookies of the 2023 WRT season

Maybe it’s still early, but the Black Yeti wants to allow you to mark the dates of the most important youth events of the winter season: all the rookie tour crew will be back once again in Kitzsteinhorn Kaprun/Zell am See in Austria, from 19 to 25 March 2023, for World Rookie Snowboard Finals.

The WRT Finals will attract once again the best young snowboarders from the World Rookie Tour qualifying events to compete for the 2023 World Rookie Freeski Champion title and incredible prizes such as invitation to world-class events, Red Bull Special Experience and much more.

Also, the kick-off and oldest event of the 2023 WRT, the legendary World Rookie Fest in Livigno, Italy, confirmed its 18th edition from January the 14th until January the 21st 2023. The event will be open to both snowboarders (14-18 January) and freeskiers (18-21 January) and will offer also a special training week in the premium Mottolino Snowpark, long-time partner of the Black Yeti.

World Rookie Snowboard Finals | Grom Wm Winner Sara Shimizu (JPN) | Ph Andreas Amplatz


If your dream is to start a professional snowboard carrier, then the World Rookie Tour is the place to be!

Registrations and Information
World Rookie Registration – Skateboard – World Rookie Tour
Phone +39 059.9783397

If you dream to become a professional action sport athlete, then your future starts from the World Rookie Tour! 

The World Rookie Tour is organized by the Black Yeti ssrl in collaboration with World Snowboard Federation, National Snowboard, Ski and Skateboard Associations, and selected action sports agencies. It was born in 2005 as a series of youth snowboard events and it consists now of a selection of high-quality International events for snowboard, Freeski, Skateboard and Surf, the so-called “Rookie Fests”, reserved for riders under 18’s only, in Europe, North and South America, Oceania and Asia. The World Rookie Tour consists not only of competitions: it also features loads of other activities to help rookies to grow in the field of professional action sports, such as photo & video shootings, avalanche, and rescue clinics, meetings with photographers, and international team managers, parties and English talks. Since year zero, it awards tickets to world-class events such as X Games Norway, Audi Nines, The Arctic Challenge, The Air & Style, The World Snowboarding Championships, Red Bull Roller Coaster, Simple Session, Mystic Sk8 Cup, invitations to professional photo & video shootings, and shooting trip all around the world. Every year the tour crowns the World Rookie Champions at the end of the season, during the World Rookie Finals, a unique event format where the best youngsters from almost 30 countries compete and have fun. More information at

The Black Yeti is an amateur sports club dedicated to the realization of Snowboard, Freeski, Skateboard and Surf projects for boys and girls up to 18 years of age, at international level. One of the most successful projects is the World Rookie Tour, the biggest and the most famous tour in the action sports world that attracts 3.000 young athletes from 30 nations to the events called “Rookie Fest”, organized all over the world: Italy, Europe, North and South America, Oceania and Asia. The Rookie Fests program includes not only the competition but also many side activities such as avalanche and rescue clinics, workshops, and English talks. 

World Rookie Tour Media Manager
Marco Sampaoli – – Tel +39.059.9783397 or +39.340.328.55.69

World Rookie Tour Event Coordinator
Meinhard Trojer – – Tel +43.650.56.37.424

Events News

The Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY Overall Winners 2022/2023

For the 9th time, the Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY toured across the Zillertal last season. After the popular Snowboard Amateur Series had to be canceled the previous winter, up-and-coming snowboarding talents from all over Europe were happily attending the tour in 2021/2022 again. The glorious overall tour winners were finally crowned new Kings and Queens of the Zillertal VÄLLEY at the last tour stop on Hintertux Glacier.

The Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY unites four exciting snowboard slopestyle competitions, freebie freestyle coachings, side events and free snowboard hardware demo/testing in one unique event series. Established as a part of the international World Snowboarding Tour event series and as an official part of the ASA (Austrian Snowboard Association) AustriaCups, the Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY attracted snowboarders from far and near to travel to the Zillertal.

In every contest, riders gathered points on the World Snowboarding Point List (WSPL) and competitors under 18 years also gained credits for the World Rookie Ranking. Last but not least, all athletes collected points in the overall Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY tour ranking with every contest result. The overall tour winners were finally crowned new Royal Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY family 2021/2022 after the final tour stop at Hintertux Glacier.

Jascha Nuñez

Congratulations to the new Kings and Queens of the VÄLLEY:

Overall Men & Women (o18):
Queen: Anna Tomanova (CZE)
King: Till Strohmeyer (AUT)

Rookies (16-18)
Queen: Noelle Jamnig (AUT)
King: Jascha Nunez (AUT)

Groms (13-15)
Queen: Anna Tomanova (CZE)
King: Floris v. de Velde (NED)

Super Groms (u13)
Queen: Sky Remans (BEL)
King: Tibbe Keizer (NED)

The final tour rankings and winner videos are available at
Winner videos and photo galleries:
Winner videos:

“Congratulations to this year´s overall VÄLLEY RÄLLEY winners here in the Zillertal,“ says Beate Kassner from Zillertal Tourism GmbH, VÄLLEY RÄLLEY title sponsor and main financier. “It is always a pleasure to welcome so many young sports talents in the valley. Therefore we are already looking forward to the start of the 2022/2023 Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY, which will kick off in December 2022. We wish all participants good luck for the new season.“

Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY 2022/2023

Save the dates:

1. Tourstop. 17.-18.12.2022 – Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach, Erste Ferienregion im Zillertal
2. Tourstop: 21.-22.01.2023 – Zillertal Arena
3. Tourstop: 11.-12-03.2023 – Penken Park Mayrhofen, Mayrhofen-Hippach im Zillertal
4. Tourstopp: 29.-30.04.2023 – Hintertux Glacier, Betterpark Hintertux, Tux-Finkenberg

About the Zillertal
The Zillertal is one of the most popular alpine holiday destinations and long since known as Europe´s number one snowboarding mecca. The well-designed and perfectly shaped snow parks rank among the best freestyle parks in Europe attracting some of the world´s best riders over and over again. There are kickers, rails, boxes and other features for all riding levels to learn new tricks and improve freestyle skills quickly. The Zillertal snow parks score high for great shaping, jumps with space for tricks and push creativity throughout all levels. Find out more at

Banked Slalom Events Features News Para-Snowboarding upcoming events

Hybrid Banked Slalom in Sinaia Cota Romania April 15th

The founder of EVO Sport Romania, Cristian Piciorea is organizing a hybrid banked slalom in Sinaia Cota, Romania April 15th. This event is is for both able-bodied and adaptive athletes and is guaranteed to be fun for everyone.

“We want to organize this end-of-season competition for all the snowboarders in Romania. When I say all, I say both able-bodied snowboarders and snowboarders with a physical impairment. Both able-bodied people and people with disabilities can achieve sport performance, therefore we apply this new hybrid format. This is the first competition of its kind in our country, and we are organizing it at Sinaia.

The maximum number of participants is 40, and there are already 20 people that registered, including 4 adaptive snowboarders. We have to limit the registration to 40 because that is the limit imposed by the time registry system (and we want to use the time system to ensure a fair and transparent competition). For this, we collaborate with Bibchip România, who will keep the time results by using individual NFC chips carried by each competitor.

Among the participants we have Mihăiță PAPARĂ (who represented Romania at the 2018 and 2022 Winter Paralympic Games), Toma MORȚILĂ (Alpine Snowboard multiple international champion), and numerous other top-level athletes, coaches, experienced local snowboard instructors and snowboard lovers.

We are pleasantly surprised to see that there is a big interest in the Under 18 category, which means that competition for this segment is in high demand and has enormous potential for performance and growth. “

Competition Schedule and Regulation


Place – Sinaia, Firul Văii Dorului (in front of Apesski Panoramic)

  • Cable transport – from 09.00
  • Competitors at start – 10.00
  • Course inspection – 10.15 / 10.30
  • Competitors at start – 10.45
  • Forerunner at start – 10.50
  • Training run( 1 run / competitor) – 11.00 / 11.35


o          Banked Slalom Competition Start
o          Forerunner start – 11.50
o          Competition start ( 1 timed run/competitor) – 12.00
o          Start interval- 2 min between competitors

Prizegiving ceremony – 14.00 at Apresski Panoramic


All competitors are required to obtain their assigned competition number – race bib (access to the route is prohibited without the competition number);

The competition has 5 categories of participants:

  1. Pro – athletes, former athletes, coaches, instructors (both men and ladies, regardless of age);
  2. Open Men – intermediate and advanced;
  3. Open Ladies – intermediate and advanced;
  4. U18 – boys and girls, under the age of 18;
  5. Para snowboard – people with disabilities (the organizer may decide on a case-by-case analysis);

All competitors are required to wear a helmet and column protection. Without these, the competitor is not allowed to start.

Only those who have registered until 13.04.2022 can start.

The format of the Banked Slalom competition consists of a snowboard race on a slope, in a course with turns, jumps and banked turns. The competitors must limit themselves to their individual sports skills, without endangering their lives or the lived of others;

All competitors must pass over the gates that are set in each turn. If a competitor cannot pass over these gates or if he/she avoids them (deliberately or unintentionally), that competitor is disqualified.

The time of each competitor is measured, and introduced into a table, according to each category. The shortest time wins and there will be a ranking (from the first to the last time obtained). Timing will be closely monitored by Bibchip Romania, each competitor will have an NFC chip. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each category are awarded. In addition, there will be a prize for the best time overall.

The prizes are in the form of FunRide winter equipment vouchers

1st place – 400 lei, 2nd place – 200 lei, 3rd place – 100 lei, Best time – 1000 lei. The total value of the prizes is 4,500 lei

The maximum number of competitors is 40.

The appeals are submitted in writing after the competition (no later than 12 hours after the competition ended) at email and will be analyzed within 10 days.

Events Features News


In 2002 the first Spring Battle took place at Absolut Park. Over the years, we always had creative and constantly changing formats and awards. An evolving, up-to-date event mode in tune with the zeitgeist.
For this year’s 20th anniversary, we are presenting a slightly changed format once again: After launching our digitally global online format last year (due to Covid-19 restrictions), we decided to build on the great experiences we’ve made with this mode. And since we are finally able to invite Pro Riders again on site to Absolut Park, we are happy to combine our digital format with the roots of Spring Battle: A fun and challenging event at the pinnacle of the snow season.

Spring Battle 2022 will continue to be held as BEST TRICK competition from March 12th till March 16th 2022. The Spring Battle setup will feature a Turbo Knuckle, two big Pro Jumps and a Rail Yard for this year’s categories:

BEST TRICK BIGAIR (on site only on the last Absolut Park Pro Jump)
BEST TRICK RAIL (on site only in the Absolut Park Rail Yard)
BEST 540 (on one of the two Absolut Park Pro Jumps OR anywhere in the world)
BEST TURBOKNUCKLE (on the AP Turboknuckle OR anywhere in the world)

As usual, SPRING BATTLE 2022 will be welcoming the best women and men in snowboarding and freeskiing on the globe to fight for a total prize money purse of impressive 100.000 US$.

How to participate

  • All riders need to register at
  • All registered riders can participate in ALL 4 CATEGORIES on site at Absolut Park’s Spring Battle setup.
  • All registered riders can also participate in the BEST 540 and BEST TURBOKNUCKLE categories by in submitting their entries digitally from anywhere in the world.
  • All entries have to be posted to your instagram channel AND uploaded to our event platform at by the according deadlines.

Each rider teams up with a followcam filmer or other rider to record their entries within the event time window. Each rider‘s best trick (uncut video clip) must be uploaded on their Instagram channel (public, not private, using the award hashtags!) and to our event platform at until 5pm at the according deadlines.

The best tricks will be judged after each deadline and will be presented at the Live Shows the following night.


  • film the best tricks within the 4 days event window (March 12th till March 15th), either on site at Absolut Park or worldwide (Best Turboknuckle & Best 540 only).
  • state your NAME and the CATEGORY you wanna enter before or after the trick with your face visible (no cuts!). If you are shooting long lens with a filmer, make him state your name & category in front of the camera)
  • upload the uncut video clips on your Instagram channel using the following hastags: #springbattle22 plus the according award hashtag (see above) and make sure your account is public
  • upload the uncut video clips to our event platform

The submission / posting deadlines

Best Trick Turboknuckle: March 12th, 5pm CET*
Best 540 Award: March 13th, 5pm CET*
Best Trick Rail: March 14th, 5pm CET*
Best Trick Big-Air: March 15th, 5pm CET*

*5pm CET (Central European Time) equals:
North America: 8am PST / 11am EST
Japan: 1am JST (+1 day)
China: 12pm CST

Banked Slalom Events Features News upcoming events

VANS x The Thing About Greece Banked Slalom – March 6th

The Thing About Greece in collaboration with VANS is hosting a Banked Slalom race for the 3rd time on March 6th, 2022 at Kalavrita Ski Ristorante in Greece. Wax your board, put on your carnival costume and come to the most fun shred event of the season. Prizes will be awarded for the fastest times in Men’s, Women’s and Children’s categories and  prize for the best costume wins a free Ikaria Surf Camp with The Thing About Greece. A beer pong competition and the music by selected DJs will complete the wonderful atmosphere. You’re not gonna want to miss this!


Entry fee: € 25 (you also keep the athlete’s collectible jersey)

Lift ticket: € 8 (special discount in Kalavrita)

Register for the competition here:

Detailed prizes of the winners:

Best Costume – 1 Spot at TTAG Ikaria Surf Camp, 1 pair VANS MTE, Poncho Ace Play More, Annual Card of HK Kalavrita, Hoodie TTAG, Cap Ace Play More

Fastest Snowboarder – € 100 Cash Prize by VANS, Snowboard Boots VANS, 1 Spot at TTAG Igloo Camp, Hoodie TTAG, Hat Ace Play More

Fastest Skier – € 100 Cash Prize by VANS, 1 pair VANS MTE, 1 Spot at TTAG Igloo Camp, Hoodie TTAG, Hat Ace Play More

Fastest Girl – € 100 Cash Prize by VANS, 1 pair VANS MTE, 1 Spot at TTAG Igloo Camp, Hoodie TTAG, Hat Ace Play More

Fastest Kid – 1 pair VANS MTE, 1 Spot at TTAG Igloo Camp, Cap Ace Play More, Playmobil Game

Event Sponsors: Vans, Ace Play More, Samsung The Freestyle

Supporters: DK Rental, No Hard Feelings, HK Kalavrita

Banked Slalom Events Features News

Dual Banked Slalom Hafjell Recap

By Sondre Hylland Photos: Henning Owren

I have been to pretty much every type of snowboard event the last twelve years in all parts of the world and I have organized all types of events, at least nationally.

I have always wanted to host a type of event and a discipline that could cater to everyone, and I mean everyone. I think we might have found a formula.

This weekend Brettforbundet organized Dual Banked Slalom in Hafjell together with LHMR Brettklubb after the World Para Snowsports Championships invited us to reuse their fantastic course in Hafjell built by Arena Snowparks, as the World Champ finals were done the day before we started.

I discussed with our competition director for this event, Per Willy Hegge, leading up to the weekend as we heard some of the riders from the World Para Snowsport Championships wanted to ride our event as well.

We agreed: “Let`s not make an event where it`s the adaptive riders and“ regular ”riders, but let`s just make an event and format where we all ride together.

We are all just snowboarders anyway.

First off we had over 100 starting competitors and I was baffled how big the range of riders that entered and shredded their hearts out was. The riders were keeping the vibe at an all-time high and all the smiles made my day, forgetting about my 5:30 am wakeup call to start getting the event ready.

We had kids as low as seven years old, we had parents, up and coming talents, we had old pros, new pros, current pros, national riders and international riders, and a great field of riders that competed in the World Para Snowsports Championships the days before, we all shredded together in the time trial and in the head-to-head finals format.

The level just got better and better and the course rode well through the whole day and the weather was thankfully on our side.

All riders rode a two-run time trail and the top rider went through the finals and the head-to-head knockout format. One run decided their faith …

The contest started off with the juniors.

Alexander Nyquist (NOR) won the boys division ahead of Hans Anonsen (NOR) in 2nd and Aksel D. Heyerdal (NOR) in 3rd.

Luna Hekne Herskedal (NOR) won the girl’s division ahead of Eira Stavanaes (NOR) in 2nd and Nelia Stavanaes (NOR) in 3rd.

After the juniors, we had 24 entered kids from 7-12 yo in a jam session format. So fun seeing all the groms handling the course and holding their own.

The Open division had a few nail-biter heats when the finals started.

In the end, Open Womans was won by Zuzanna Smykala (POL) ahead of Karin Margareta Boson (NOR) in 2nd and Caroline Nilsen (NOR) in 3rd.

The Open Mens final was won by Karel Von Goor (NED) a head of Aleksander Østereng (NOR) in 2nd and Ben Tudhope (AUS) in 3rd.

This was pure fun and for sure a type of event, we need more of.

Thank you to all the riders
Thank you all volunteers
Thank you Session, Burton, Hafjell, World Para Snowsports
Thank you Arena Snowparks and shapers
Thank you Lillehammer Brettklubb and Brettforbundet crew
Thank you World Snowboard Federation
Thank you snowboarding❤️


Words by:

Sondre Hylland, event director Brettforbundet

Events News World Snowboarding

BIG AIR CHUR Snowboard World Cup kicks off the winter season Oct 22-23

BIG AIR CHUR brings the live audience a mix of freestyle sport and urban music. At the first FIS Freeski and Snowboard World Cup 2021/2022, freestyle athletes will inaugurate the Big Air ramp in the Obere Au area in Chur and open up the Olympic winter. Nine international and national acts will provide top-class live music. The Skate Park, Guest Zone, Bündner Village, Gastrozone and the Promenade and Party Mile with over 20 DJs will be offering vibing variety from the early morning to late at night. Public admission goes hand in hand with COVID rules – vaccinated, recovered or tested. Advance ticket sales start on Friday 20 August 2021, at 8 AM CEST via 

Live festival with top-class freestyle sport and music

“With the BIG AIR CHUR, we want to mix the sports experience with the concert experience to create a unique event according to the motto: 1+1=3,” says René Götz, project manager of BIG AIR CHUR.  With the First Event AG (Swiss subsidiary of Live Nation, the worldwide market leader in music festivals), organizers Wolfgang Sahli and René Götz bring crucial experience with them and their team. For the sports section, they have professional experts on board and hosts Canton of Graubünden and the City of Chur are also enthusiastically behind the Incity event. Chur’s mayor Urs Marti says: “Chur is a lively and urban city. The BIG AIR CHUR Festival, therefore, fits in perfectly here, and I hope it will become a permanent fixture in Chur’s event calendar!”

The Obere Au offers a spacious area for live events with an audience as well as space for music stages and the Big Air steel frame. The event will, of course, be provided with its own COVID-19 protection concept via the cooperation of the FIS and Swiss-Ski associations with the town of Chur and the organizing First Event AG, so that spectators, as well as riders, crew, teams, artists, media, and services, are protected. 

FIS Freeski & Snowboard season opener

To date, a total of 160 freestylers from over 25 countries have been registered by their national associations to take part in the premiere event. Women and men will use the same construction in both freeski and snowboarding. 650 tonnes of steel will be used for the 40-metre-high and 110-metre-long Big Air discipline.

The starting field in snowboarding is shining with international greats such as the Big Air Olympic champions from 2018, Anna Gasser from Austria, and Sebastien Toutant from Canada. Followed by the youngsters Kokomo Murase (JAP), Annika Morgan (GER), and Zoi Sadowski-Synnott (NZL), who was constantly on the podium last season. Names such as current World Champions Laurie Blouin and Mark McMorris (CAN) as well as Staale Sandbech (NOR) guarantee exceptional tricks performances over the kicker in aficionado circles.

Freeski will not be celebrating its Olympic baptism of fire until 2022 where athletes from all over the world will have to qualify. Also super stars like Eileen Gnu (CHN), James Woods (GBR) and Henrik Harlaut (SWE). The best way forward would be with a top performance at the BIG AIR CHUR. A home game for the strong Swiss team? Well, with Sarah Höfflin and Mathilde Gremaud from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, the Swiss team is a podium contender. Kim Gubser, who made the leap to the top of the world in the spring of 2021 with a bronze medal at the World Championships, is also a hot commodity.

Whether the Graubündner locals Giulia Tanno and Big Air World Champion Andri Ragettli will return to the contest following injuries at the end of October still remains to be seen – but they will be on location nonetheless to experience the spectacle of the Big Air and the live concerts first hand. 

Apache 207, Jan Delay & Disko No. 1, Sido
The music line-up trumps the trumpet with hip and popular German rap. Three stadium bands Apache 207 (Friday), Jan Delay & Disko No. 1 and Sido (both Saturday) will have festival fans partying at the very thought of a live concert.

Programme overview:

Friday, 22 October 2021

Live over the Big Air:
FIS Freeski World Cup with qualifications, night finals.
Live on stage:
Apache 207, Breitbild, Nura, LIV & Geesbeatz 

Saturday, 23 October 2021

Live over the Big Air:
FIS Snowboard World Cup with qualifications, night finals
Live on stage:
Sido, Jan Delay & Disko No. 1, Lo & Leduc, Mimiks, Danitsa

Tickets from 20.08.2021 from 8 AM on: and at Tourist Office Chur
Admission only with COVID vaccinated, recovered and/or tested certificate.

Media portal BIG AIR CHUR:
Media contact BIG AIR CHUR:
Astrid Nehls,
+41 79 9024215 +43 676 4314410


Events Features


The WSF is pleased to announce that the WSF Banked Slalom Tour is on for the 2021/22 season. We’re in the early stages of tour preparation and are encouraging event organizers to submit their dates so WSF can complete the finalized tour calendar.

WSF invites all national associations that have existing banked slalom contests to be part of the tour and fill out the attached application form to participate.
WSF also invites all of you to organize a banked slalom contest and get support from us on how to do it. WSF will provide technical support to those who have never organized a banked slalom event as well as support the PR and communication for all WSF Banked Slalom Tour events planned for the season 2021/22.

In order to be part of the WSF Banked Slalom Tour, each event organizer will be asked for a 25 euros event fee. The fee will be used to run and promote the WSF Banked Slalom Tour and will allow WSF to promote, communicate and support WSF member events.

Please download the application form and check out the general information, event benefits, and recommendations.
Membership application is to be found here.
Do not hesitate to contact us at:
Please send the application forms back

WSF Banked Slalom Tour 2021/22 Calendar:  

15.01.2022: Dual Banked Slalom – Hafjell, Norway
29.01.2022: Brown Bear Banked Slalom – Saint Lary, France
29.01.2022: Banked Bakony – Siaréna Vibe Park Eplény, Hungary
22.04/23.04.2022: QKLS Rally Banked Slalom Finnish Championships – Tahko Ski Resort, Finland

For any other info contact us here:

Events News World Rookie Tour

Hiroto Ogiwara and Evy Popp crowned 2021 World Rookie Snowboard Champions

The Black Yeti crew spent a full week in Hintertux, where the first-ever combined Snowboard and Freeski World Rookie Finals went down successfully.

From April the 29th until May the 2nd, after the end of the freeski event, almost 80 snowboarders from 16 different nations came to Hintertux, for the most awaited youth snowboard event of the season: slopestyle competition, art workshop, music contents and avalanche camp were some of the magic ingredients of this unique event.

In fact, in the heritage of the WRT events, the 2021 Snowboard Final was not only an international slopestyle competition, but as well it offered to all participants several side activities thanks to a strict Covid Concept which ensured the safety of all.

Japan’s Hiroto Ogiwara reigned supreme at the 2021 World Rookie Championships in Hintertux Glacier, Austria last week. Photo courtesy of Andreas Amplatz/World Rookie Tour.

The 2021 World Rookie Snowboard Final competition went down in Hintertux Glacier, at the Betterpark Snowpark, in very difficult weather conditions, with permanent clouds and some wind, which obliged the Local Organizing Crew to adapt the program day by day. Finally, all the riders were able to showcase their skills with a regular slopestyle contest for the male rookie category and a rail jam for all the others.

Male Rookies challenged for the 2021 World Rookie Tour Champion title on a slopestyle course consisted of three tables with different kickers and one table with three jib obstacles at the end. Judges scored each rider using overall impression. Hiroto Ogiwata (JPN) conquer the victory and the World Rookie Champion Title with a Cab Double 900 mute, bs double 1080 mellon, fs 720 toe edge, and front plant 450 out on the last rail. Hiroto was awarded, among the many prizes, a ticket to 2021.22 FIS World Cup. Liam Johnson and Lucas Ferry, both from the USA, got second and third and completed the male rookie podium.

All the other participants, female rookies and male/female groms, unfortunately, were not able to compete in the slopestyle due to the very bad weather condition and, on Sunday, competed for the WRT Champion titles on the rail line, on a two-run – best one count format.

Belgium’s Evy Poppe battles wind and snow to claim the 2021 World Rookie Tour Champion title. Photo Courtesy of World Rookie Tour.

In the Female Rookie category, former 2019 WRT Champion Evy Poppe from Belgium, won again the 2021 World Rookie Champion Title with a solid run consisting of a perfect Noseslide and a 50/50 frontside 360 out.

In the grom category, among the male, Lenny Fenning from team Whyaintyou GBR won with a Cab 270 on and Cab 180 on BS 360 out. In the female groms, Yura Murase from Japan won with a Boardslide to Fake and cab 180 on. They both conquered the World Grom Champion Title.

The 2021 Snowboard World Rookie Champions were both awarded with invitations for the 2022 Spring Battle at the Absolut Park and for the 2021.22 Hintertux Opening, and an invitation to a Red Bull Experience to be announced soon. The male World Rookie Champion only was the only rider awarded a spot for 2021.22 FIS World Cup Slopestyle. Other riders on the podium were awarded with a surf week with our historic partner and with many goodies from all our sponsors.

Download all the results from the 2021 World Rookie Finals Snowboard here

1. Yura Murase, JPN, 69.0
2. Soha Jannet, SUI, 45.5
3. Heli Bockhorni, GER, 39.5

1. Evy Poppe, BEL, 81.5
2. Matilde Pizzuto, ITA, 67.0
3. Andrina Salis, SUI, 65.5

RESULTS GROM MEN (2006-2007)
1. Lenny Fenning, GBR, 84.5
2. Liam Garandel, FRA, 80.5
3. Brooklyn Depriest, USA, 74.5

1. Hiroto Ogiwara, JPN, 88.5
2. Liam Johnson, USA, 87.5
3. Lucas Ferry, USA, 84.0

The event offered a program of side activities under a strict Covid Security Protocol to create a safety bubble and allow the organization of social moments. During the event took place a workshop about “Wood Photo Printing” by Andreas Monsberger, where they learned how to print a real picture on a piece of wood, making real artworks. The program also included “Avalanche Clinic” with theoretical and practical parts run by MOON Agency and a Karaoke Session.

All the World Rookie Tour organization would like to thank you all for the determination and for the support for our project. We hope to see you next year in better conditions.

Photo gallery World Rookie Finals Snowboard
Day 1 – Training
Day 2 – Male Rookie Slopestyle Comp
Day 3 – Grom and Girl Rail Jam

Below you can watch the winning runs
World Rookie Finals – Hiroto Ogiwara 1st place
World Rookie Finals – Liam Johnson 2nd place
World Rookie Finals – Lucas Ferry 3rd place

Below you can watch the re-run of the live streaming
Male Rookie Slopestyle
Girls and Male Grom Rail Jam

Source: World Rookie Tour

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The first title decision was on the agenda at the LAAX OPEN for the Slopestyle finals. 8 female finalists and 12 male finalists rode for the podium places in the first FIS Snowboard Tour 2020/21 Slopestyle contest. In breathtaking finals with technically challenging runs, Jamie Anderson (USA) and Niklas Mattson (SWE) triumphed and will each be taking home prestigious OPEN titles as well as CHF 15,750 prize money.

LAAX is known for its innovative slopestyle courses, and this year was no exception. The 500 metre long course consisting of 6 elements starts with two rail sections, followed by a transition feature and two jumps. The final element is the creative Watch obstacle. Riders were full of praise for both the course and the Snowpark LAAX crew.

Photo Credits by Stadler

In the women’s category, Zoi Sadowski Synnott (NZL) was clearly in the lead after the first run, in which all riders had to contend with the adverse wind conditions, ahead of 2-time Olympic champion Jamie Anderson (USA). In the second run, the wind died down and the ladies were finally able to tout their true talents. However, none of the women managed to beat Zoi’s score, who went into her second run as the penultimate rider of the finals, still at the front of the field. Knowing that Jamie Anderson was still on top, Zoi tried to top her own score from the first run, but failed. Then came Jamie Anderson who demonstrated her full routine, only to once again prove a delivery under pressure like no other. With a super smooth run she literally bagged the highest score of the day with 84.35 points in the last minute and thus, her 5th LAAX Slopestyle title, which left her almost lost for words: “I’m so happy! In the second run, I decided to risk everything and it paid off.  A big thank you to the LAAX hosts and the FIS Snowboard Tour!” Bringing in third place is delighted Australia’s Tess Coady.

Photo Credits by Stadler

Experienced Swede Niklas Mattsson opened the men’s final with a clean and cool technical run that earned him 84.28 points. This laid the foundation for his first Slopestyle World Cup victory, as none of his competitors were able to knock him off the pedestal and beat his score. Incidentally, Mattsson is the first Swedish Slopestyle winner in LAAX since Chris Sörman, who claimed victory at the first Open in 2005. Leon Vockensperger (GER) wowed in second place and celebrated his first World Cup podium with a run packed full of flair and finesse: “I can’t believe I am standing next to my idols on the podium right now, it‘s incredible.” Norway’s Marcus Kleveland completed the podium in third place. Swiss semi-finals winner Moritz Boll finished in 7th place.

Tomorrow the LAAX OPEN 2021 will end with the Halfpipe night finals, for all to watch live online or on TV from 17:45 onwards.  

Source: LAAX Open