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PRSNT Performance Hosts Adventure + Digital Detox Retreat in Colorado

April 22-24th, 2016 – Loveland Ski Area, Colorado— PRSNT PERFORMANCE, founded by professional snowboarders Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics launched their first camp in the US with 14 women off ages ranging from 14 to 41. The camp encompassed nutrition with a private chef, yoga, meditation and goal setting, with on-hill adventures complemented by an avalanche awareness workshop by Loveland’s Ski Patrol. The weekend was a massive opportunity for the campers to put their phones away and totally immerse themselves in a weekend filled with yin and yang activities.

The three-day camp, centered around adventure, yoga, nutrition and meditation, was complemented with workshops by fellow snow sports athletes and health specialists. Chanelle and Kjersti were accompanied by pro rider turned holistic chef Rachel Turiel, snowboard legend and health facilitator Tara Dakides, as well as Olympic skier with a specialty in essential oils Keri Herman. The long weekend attracted women of all ages from all around Colorado, with campers ranging from 14 to 41 years old.

“This weekend was a game-changer for these radical Colorado babes and us as well. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we hugged, we learned, we grew, we did downward dogs and om’s. We learned how to use essential oils for daily healing opportunities, we tested our antioxidant levels thru our skin cells, we went beacon hunting with Loveland Ski Patrol, splitboarding, rallied down the mountain as a squad to dance tunes, practiced breathing together, ate lots of yummy organic vegan food, laughed some more, wrote in out journals, set goals and intentions, and most of all- we made friends that will last a lifetime. We love to see our camps organically creating these micro communities for women seeking health and time outdoors,” says Chanelle Sladics, Co-Founder of PRSNT.


Each day was packed with snowboarding, yoga, gratitude practices, and health workshops. PRSNT Performance focuses intention into the mind, body, spirit and cultivating community through the PRSNT state of mind.

I am filled with GRATITUDE and AWE for the opportunity to spend time with all of these shining ladies. I have been seeking community and can’t believe it was in my backyard.  I don’t find myself in a safe space often enough to face internal thoughts/fears as well as being so inspired- physically, nutritionally, mentally, and emotionally. It seems like it’s all really sinking in for me now that I’m back in my own space. I am so GRATEFUL for the time we shared and look forward to our future gatherings on and off the hill!” says #PRSNTloveland camper Jbird.

This weekend really blew my mind and expectations out of the water. It’s a dream to be able to create these settings, where we not only see the ladies connect right there and then, but we see them take immediate initiative to stay in touch with each other after the camp. Through our camps we have become aware that ladies from all around the world are seeking likeminded ladies to go snowboarding, skinning and adventures with or just get inspired by. After each camp I feel so inspired and passionate,” says co-founder of PRSNT and four time Olympian Kjersti Buaas.

The ladies trickled into the cabin Friday afternoon where they were greeted by goodies from numerous sponsors including goggles from Zeal Optics, yoga mats from LuluLemon, energy and hydration drinks from Purps, Guayaki and CocoRidge, and snacks from Navitas Naturals superfoods. Music continued to drive the vibe at the PRSNT lodge courtesy of Kicker audio and the ladies rocked spiritual gangster t’s while graciously sipping there Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha or Amazing Grass greens from their Klean Kanteens and Simply Straws. Toxic-free sunscreen provided by All Good Brand and lunch time was facilitated with reusables utensils from ToGoWare + ChicoBags.

Our partners play a HUGE role in the experience we created for the campers. Working with companies that resonate with our beliefs helps amplify our message and allows us feeds superfoods to these campers for a modest price.  We are so happy to work as a team to make a  direct impact on the health of our planet and the health of us humans,” says Chanelle.

I’m drawn to work with conscious brands that courageously take the steps needed to make a positive difference in this world. I want to use my platform as a professional athlete, to create attention around these companies and their amazing, healthy, environmental friendly products. These choices are a lifestyle.  We need to support the people and brands that bring authenticity and truth to the world,” says Kjersti.


PRSNT Performance camp at Loveland was less about the athletic performance and more so about success in all arenas of life. Chef Rachel Turiel integrated her background in holistic cooking and snowboarding to prepare healthy snacks and meals throughout the weekend, accompanied by explanations of each ingredient and their benefits for digestion, energy, and overall health. General health and mindfulness of what’s being put into the body and how that affects other parts of life was a main point of discussion over the weekend. Tara Dakides led a workshop on antioxidant health, and pro skier Keri Herman came out to educate the group on essential oil healing. Yoga, meditation, and stretching were integral in preparing for and winding down from long days on-hill. From avalanche courses and beacon testing to split boarding and snowshoeing, the activities at Loveland challenged the campers’ endurance, intuition, and mental toughness. By facilitating an environment full of mindfulness and the “live in the present” mentality, PRSNT Performance cultivated mind, body, and community in three short days.

We’re looking towards continuing to expand PRSNT internationally and extending it to even longer retreats. Even after these three days in Colorado, none of the campers wanted to leave! We were stoked we didn’t want to either,” says Chanelle.

With two huge successes under their belts, the two are looking towards a week-long camp in late October in the tropics focused on community, nutrition, mindfulness and living in the PRSNT.

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PRSNT was founded two by professional snowboarders and health advocates Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics. Kjersti is a four time Olympian and Olympic bronze medalist. Chanelle is a XGames medalist and certified yoga instructor. Both are certified wilderness first responders and permaculture designers.

Intertwining yin & yang activities promotes balance, health and happiness. Through healthy living workshops, environmental education and outdoor adventures, PRSNT aims to accelerate personal growth in a fun group setting. Activities include, but are not limited to: snowboarding, splitboarding, hiking, surfing, yoga, SUP, slack-lining, rock climbing, nutrition workshops, raw cooking classes, meditation and goal setting coupled with campfire vibes and positivity. 

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PRSNT’s upcoming adventures camps all include Yoga, Nutrition and Meditation ~


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