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Photogallery and results from 2016 Tenjin Banked Slalom

This season was luck of snow everywhere in Japan’s mountain but Mike Cummins (course adviser) gradually excited for the event because the climate. It was snowing from Monday to Wednesday, so we arranged the course with some fresh! Mike wanted to make the course equally for the regular and goofy stance riders.

Taizo Fukushima (director) and Mike tried to to their best to make an ideal course and they gathered local, rider who helped for preparing as well. Finally it was really amazing course Shows Up !!

5th the day for preliminary heats was happened in the blue clear sky. bit sketchy by warm temp, some of DQ but everyone had great smile and enjoyed to take part in this contest.

At night, it was rain unfortunately. the time rap post on the wall in “Canyons” lodge, where is the placed at the base of “Tenjin” Ski Resort therefore everyone includes participant and rooter comes and check and confirm their “qualify or eliminated”. 6th Morning was sun rise again. bit fog in the bottom but the peak is clear sky! the final was 2 run. the 1st run is more melted on course, 2nd was cloud so get more speed. rider who finally winners podium got great time both runs, so that is the point who is fast.

And Side event, lot of snowboard brand demo their latest 16/17 model for testing beside goal line for visitors, and so many people watched the game even course aside. To readers, you should come in next year. because Tenjin Banked Slalom makes you happy, smile, community, energy for sure.

Photography and Text by ©Yoshi Josef Toomuch

Download Full Results here: TBS2016 Results