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The Hochkeil “Bioschnee” Banked in Muhlbach

The Hochkeil Banked celebrated its comeback in Mühlbach on Easter weekend. On April 9th, snowboarders big and small met on a leisurely course with steep curves and waves.
The schedule was coordinated with public transport to match the Hochkeil natural snow area. Everyone who arrived by bus or a car pool with at least 3 people in the vehicle received a 5 euro discount on the entry fee.

Whether you traveled a long way or were from the neighborhood – all riders had fun at the Hochkeil and showed great runs in the snow! The main prizes again went to the average time, with the fastest also receiving a small acknowledgment. Especially the many young participants showed impressive performances and amazed the many established riders.

There were test boards and prizes from Amplid Snowboards , Goodboards and SP Bindings , as well as Naked Optics and Blue Tomato . Everyone enjoyed the steep curve run, the cozy atmosphere and food in the Arthurhaus lift umbrella with a view of the banked course.

Banked Slalom Events Features News Para-Snowboarding upcoming events

Hybrid Banked Slalom in Sinaia Cota Romania April 15th

The founder of EVO Sport Romania, Cristian Piciorea is organizing a hybrid banked slalom in Sinaia Cota, Romania April 15th. This event is is for both able-bodied and adaptive athletes and is guaranteed to be fun for everyone.

“We want to organize this end-of-season competition for all the snowboarders in Romania. When I say all, I say both able-bodied snowboarders and snowboarders with a physical impairment. Both able-bodied people and people with disabilities can achieve sport performance, therefore we apply this new hybrid format. This is the first competition of its kind in our country, and we are organizing it at Sinaia.

The maximum number of participants is 40, and there are already 20 people that registered, including 4 adaptive snowboarders. We have to limit the registration to 40 because that is the limit imposed by the time registry system (and we want to use the time system to ensure a fair and transparent competition). For this, we collaborate with Bibchip România, who will keep the time results by using individual NFC chips carried by each competitor.

Among the participants we have Mihăiță PAPARĂ (who represented Romania at the 2018 and 2022 Winter Paralympic Games), Toma MORȚILĂ (Alpine Snowboard multiple international champion), and numerous other top-level athletes, coaches, experienced local snowboard instructors and snowboard lovers.

We are pleasantly surprised to see that there is a big interest in the Under 18 category, which means that competition for this segment is in high demand and has enormous potential for performance and growth. “

Competition Schedule and Regulation


Place – Sinaia, Firul Văii Dorului (in front of Apesski Panoramic)

  • Cable transport – from 09.00
  • Competitors at start – 10.00
  • Course inspection – 10.15 / 10.30
  • Competitors at start – 10.45
  • Forerunner at start – 10.50
  • Training run( 1 run / competitor) – 11.00 / 11.35


o          Banked Slalom Competition Start
o          Forerunner start – 11.50
o          Competition start ( 1 timed run/competitor) – 12.00
o          Start interval- 2 min between competitors

Prizegiving ceremony – 14.00 at Apresski Panoramic


All competitors are required to obtain their assigned competition number – race bib (access to the route is prohibited without the competition number);

The competition has 5 categories of participants:

  1. Pro – athletes, former athletes, coaches, instructors (both men and ladies, regardless of age);
  2. Open Men – intermediate and advanced;
  3. Open Ladies – intermediate and advanced;
  4. U18 – boys and girls, under the age of 18;
  5. Para snowboard – people with disabilities (the organizer may decide on a case-by-case analysis);

All competitors are required to wear a helmet and column protection. Without these, the competitor is not allowed to start.

Only those who have registered until 13.04.2022 can start.

The format of the Banked Slalom competition consists of a snowboard race on a slope, in a course with turns, jumps and banked turns. The competitors must limit themselves to their individual sports skills, without endangering their lives or the lived of others;

All competitors must pass over the gates that are set in each turn. If a competitor cannot pass over these gates or if he/she avoids them (deliberately or unintentionally), that competitor is disqualified.

The time of each competitor is measured, and introduced into a table, according to each category. The shortest time wins and there will be a ranking (from the first to the last time obtained). Timing will be closely monitored by Bibchip Romania, each competitor will have an NFC chip. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each category are awarded. In addition, there will be a prize for the best time overall.

The prizes are in the form of FunRide winter equipment vouchers

1st place – 400 lei, 2nd place – 200 lei, 3rd place – 100 lei, Best time – 1000 lei. The total value of the prizes is 4,500 lei

The maximum number of competitors is 40.

The appeals are submitted in writing after the competition (no later than 12 hours after the competition ended) at email and will be analyzed within 10 days.

Banked Slalom Events Features News upcoming events

VANS x The Thing About Greece Banked Slalom – March 6th

The Thing About Greece in collaboration with VANS is hosting a Banked Slalom race for the 3rd time on March 6th, 2022 at Kalavrita Ski Ristorante in Greece. Wax your board, put on your carnival costume and come to the most fun shred event of the season. Prizes will be awarded for the fastest times in Men’s, Women’s and Children’s categories and  prize for the best costume wins a free Ikaria Surf Camp with The Thing About Greece. A beer pong competition and the music by selected DJs will complete the wonderful atmosphere. You’re not gonna want to miss this!


Entry fee: € 25 (you also keep the athlete’s collectible jersey)

Lift ticket: € 8 (special discount in Kalavrita)

Register for the competition here:

Detailed prizes of the winners:

Best Costume – 1 Spot at TTAG Ikaria Surf Camp, 1 pair VANS MTE, Poncho Ace Play More, Annual Card of HK Kalavrita, Hoodie TTAG, Cap Ace Play More

Fastest Snowboarder – € 100 Cash Prize by VANS, Snowboard Boots VANS, 1 Spot at TTAG Igloo Camp, Hoodie TTAG, Hat Ace Play More

Fastest Skier – € 100 Cash Prize by VANS, 1 pair VANS MTE, 1 Spot at TTAG Igloo Camp, Hoodie TTAG, Hat Ace Play More

Fastest Girl – € 100 Cash Prize by VANS, 1 pair VANS MTE, 1 Spot at TTAG Igloo Camp, Hoodie TTAG, Hat Ace Play More

Fastest Kid – 1 pair VANS MTE, 1 Spot at TTAG Igloo Camp, Cap Ace Play More, Playmobil Game

Event Sponsors: Vans, Ace Play More, Samsung The Freestyle

Supporters: DK Rental, No Hard Feelings, HK Kalavrita

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The Landing Snowboard Banked Slalom Returns – February 19th, 2022

The Landing Snowboard Banked Slalom returns to Baqueira – Beret, Val D’ Aran, Spanish Pyrenees

  • The Landing Snowboard Banked Slalom will take place on February 19th in the resort Baqueira – Beret in Valll D’ Aran, Spain, and will gather 200 snowboarders of all ages.

  • The prizes are valued at € 10,000 in snowboard equipment.

  • The Banked Slalom allows us to reconnect to the roots of snowboarding: surf & skateboard
  • The contest is one of the stopovers of the “Banked Slalom Tour” of the World Snowboard Federation (WSF) 

Barcelona 27th of January 2022.– In the middle of a snow season in which the Spanish industry seems to be finally recovering and sports events are back on track, the Landing Snowboard Banked Slalom returns. This event is one of the stopovers of the Banked Slalom Tour of the World Snowboard Federation (WSF).

On the 19th of February,  snowboarders have a must-attend event in Baqueira-Beret: the Banked Slalom hosted by Landing Snowboard in the ski resort has already become a meeting point for the snowboarding community.

In its first edition in 2019, the contest brought together more than 140 participants of all ages in a journey full of adrenaline, fun, and fellowship. The weather and the conditions of the slope led to an optimal day where both young people and adults from France, Andorra, and Spain enjoyed a perfect contest.

After waiting two years due to health restrictions and with a lot of motivation to have fun snowboarding, the Landing Snowboard Banked Slalom returns to the snowpark “Era Marmota”. A circuit that once again will be built ad-hoc for the contest by the team of the Stadium of Baqueira – Beret, under the leadership of Quique Quintero and in collaboration with Oriol Rosell, the builder of Landing Snowboard. Both have large experience in building circuits, and both stand out for their quality and innovation when doing it.
The riders will find a technical and very fun circuit specifically thought for the enjoyment of all ages and levels. A total of 8 categories, 4 men and 4  women, broken into age groups : Groms (< of 12), Rookies (< of 18), Seniors (< of 40) and Legends (> of 40), and in this 2nd edition, we will add a “Team Challenge” category where the best team of 3 will be the winner.

The company, founded by two professional riders, Igor Domínguez and Javi Guimont, seeks to promote the practice of snowboarding. About this edition Guimont says:
“We are very grateful to be back with a second edition of the LS Banked Slalom in Baqueira-Beret, we had great feedback on the first edition but had to cancel 2020 & 2021 editions. This year we are back with an increased number of registrations although the most important thing for us is to keep the spirit of the first edition and see very motivated riders ”.

The registration can be done online for up to 200 riders on the Landing Snowboard website, and costs €20. In addition, the ski resort will be offering a special discount of 40% on the price of their ski passes for all participants who attend the event during the weekend. Prizes are valued at more than €10,000 in snowboard equipment.

For this second edition of the Banked Slalom, Landing Snowboard has the support of sponsors such as: Quiksilver, Salomon Snowboards, Pannini, Satorisan, San Miguel, Foment Torisme Val d’Aran, Ajuntament Naut Aran, Baqueira – Beret and Mombisurf.

About  Landing Snowboard

Landing Snowboard is a snowboarding education project that was born in the glacier of Les Deux Alpes in 2004. The project that lasts to this day under the management of Javi Guimont, one of the founders is currently based in gorgeous Baqueira-Beret, in Val d’Aran, Spanish Pyrenees.

Javi Guimont, is a professional snowboarder who has been involved in the teaching and development of snowboarding in Spain for over 20 years. Landing Snowboard also has a snowboard club for groms and roookies from 6 to 18 years old that train and have fun snowboarding.

About WSF Banked Slalom Tour

Founded in 2014 through a committee formed by people who have a passion for snowboarding and see the potential for banked slaloms and how they can help promote snowboarding in general. The WSF Banked Slalom Tour is a network of independent events or series with a common communication platform, starting with a few countries where banked slaloms events already existed. In the last 2 years, the tour developed very well – with 22 events and more than 2000 participating riders worldwide in the season 2016/17 – the project developed into one of the biggest Snowboard Tours around the Globe.
The long-term goal is to increase rider participation and resort development of BSL events worldwide. To develop a ranking system specific to banked slalom and offer all levels of riders fun events, not only focusing on the athletic aspect. To award the WSF BSL World Champions, male and female, based on overall yearlong WSF ranking and accumulated points, always maintaining and respecting the fun spirit and roots of snowboarding and Banked Slalom. We believe now is the perfect time to launch this tour. Many questions regarding the state of the industry and snowboarding in general, have led us to believe banked slaloms can revive interest in snowboarding and bring the fun back. We are relying on the network of organizers to share our vision and help us execute the first seasons of this tour, which will become a platform for the future of snowboarding. We want to thank all of the interested organizers for seeing the vision and sharing our passion for this tour.

About Quiksilver

Quiksilver is an emblematic boardsports brand of Boardriders, Inc., founded by a group of surfing enthusiasts in Australia in 1969. True to a unique lifestyle, Quiksilver holds passion, authenticity and innovation to be fundamental values. The brand’s identity is represented by its logo, a mountain inside a wave symbolizing its attachment to boardsports and its playgrounds, the sea and the slopes. Quiksilver products cover the whole range of sportswear, accessories and boardsports gear. Quiksilver is also intimately associated with the very best athletes and the biggest events in the history of boardsports.

Press Room:

Images with credits: HereLast edition video: Here

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Dual Banked Slalom Hafjell Recap

By Sondre Hylland Photos: Henning Owren

I have been to pretty much every type of snowboard event the last twelve years in all parts of the world and I have organized all types of events, at least nationally.

I have always wanted to host a type of event and a discipline that could cater to everyone, and I mean everyone. I think we might have found a formula.

This weekend Brettforbundet organized Dual Banked Slalom in Hafjell together with LHMR Brettklubb after the World Para Snowsports Championships invited us to reuse their fantastic course in Hafjell built by Arena Snowparks, as the World Champ finals were done the day before we started.

I discussed with our competition director for this event, Per Willy Hegge, leading up to the weekend as we heard some of the riders from the World Para Snowsport Championships wanted to ride our event as well.

We agreed: “Let`s not make an event where it`s the adaptive riders and“ regular ”riders, but let`s just make an event and format where we all ride together.

We are all just snowboarders anyway.

First off we had over 100 starting competitors and I was baffled how big the range of riders that entered and shredded their hearts out was. The riders were keeping the vibe at an all-time high and all the smiles made my day, forgetting about my 5:30 am wakeup call to start getting the event ready.

We had kids as low as seven years old, we had parents, up and coming talents, we had old pros, new pros, current pros, national riders and international riders, and a great field of riders that competed in the World Para Snowsports Championships the days before, we all shredded together in the time trial and in the head-to-head finals format.

The level just got better and better and the course rode well through the whole day and the weather was thankfully on our side.

All riders rode a two-run time trail and the top rider went through the finals and the head-to-head knockout format. One run decided their faith …

The contest started off with the juniors.

Alexander Nyquist (NOR) won the boys division ahead of Hans Anonsen (NOR) in 2nd and Aksel D. Heyerdal (NOR) in 3rd.

Luna Hekne Herskedal (NOR) won the girl’s division ahead of Eira Stavanaes (NOR) in 2nd and Nelia Stavanaes (NOR) in 3rd.

After the juniors, we had 24 entered kids from 7-12 yo in a jam session format. So fun seeing all the groms handling the course and holding their own.

The Open division had a few nail-biter heats when the finals started.

In the end, Open Womans was won by Zuzanna Smykala (POL) ahead of Karin Margareta Boson (NOR) in 2nd and Caroline Nilsen (NOR) in 3rd.

The Open Mens final was won by Karel Von Goor (NED) a head of Aleksander Østereng (NOR) in 2nd and Ben Tudhope (AUS) in 3rd.

This was pure fun and for sure a type of event, we need more of.

Thank you to all the riders
Thank you all volunteers
Thank you Session, Burton, Hafjell, World Para Snowsports
Thank you Arena Snowparks and shapers
Thank you Lillehammer Brettklubb and Brettforbundet crew
Thank you World Snowboard Federation
Thank you snowboarding❤️


Words by:

Sondre Hylland, event director Brettforbundet

Banked Slalom Features News upcoming events


Registration info

Dual Banked Slalom Hafjell

On Saturday 15 January 2022, all eager snowboarders to Hafjell are invited to a Dual Banked Slalom in the actual WC course from the Para-WC which ends the day before!

Lillehammer Brettklubb, Brettforbundet and Para VM arrange Dual Banked Slalom for the classes kids, junior and open.

Here there are opportunities for everyone to participate and for all levels!

Remember to be out early with registration so that you secure your place!

The existing World Cup course will be open to others – this is the after-use of the best variety.

We look forward to arranging a cool day for the whole family together with Lillehammer Brettklubb, Brettforbundet and Para VM.

Dual Banked Slalom Hafjell is ranked in the World Snowboard Federation’s new international banked ranking.

Registration opens FRIDAY 7/1 AT 12:00 and it is first come, first served!


All participants must be a member of a club belonging to Brettforbundet and have a valid insurance / license.

Become a member of the club  here.

2. All info and opportunities for purchasing insurance / license can be found  here.

(Day insurance for 2022 is set at NOK 100 per competition day. Our year-round insurances cover both competitions and all relevant driving / training throughout the year)

Sign up for the Dual Banked Slalom Hafjell HERE

Class division:

KIDS class> 12 years (b. 2010 or later)  

The KIDS class is not ranked, and there are prizes for everyone.

Most riders in the KIDS class are 10-12 years old, but there is no exact age limit. Each individual club / parent assesses whether the rider can participate in the relevant event or not.

Junior 13 to 15 years (b.
 Note that the event not rankes on WRT or WSPL.

Open 16 years and older (b. 2006 or earlier)
The open class is ranked in the international Banked ranking of the World Snowboard Federation (WSF).

Race card / Lift card:
Get 20% on day passes / race passes by ordering online on Hafjell’s website, ONLY pre-registered participants apply. List is sent to Hafjell Ski Center as soon as registration is full. If you have a season ticket, you do not need to think about this.


Competition format:
Head to head in each class. Winning each pair goes on.

Lane selection is decided with scissors, paper, stone. Winner selects lane. Lanes should be approximately equal.


Open class is rewarded with cash prizes equally for ladies and men.

Prize money division equally for ladies Open and men Open:

  1. 2500, –
  2. 1500, –
  3. 1000, –

The others are awarded prizes from Session and Burton.

NB: Kid class is judged / Not ranked. Prizes for all kids.


Everyone must ride with a helmet 🙂

Subject to changes!


As a member of one of the Brettforbundet’s clubs, you get a discount on all Nordic Choice hotels.

For Hafjell / Lillehammer see:

Or see: Hafjell’s website

Infection control:

We continuously follow the infection control restrictions presented by local and national authorities.

Should it happen that the event should be canceled due to infection control restrictions, any registration fee and day insurance (for this event) will be paid back to registered participants.

————————————————– ———————–


Dual Banked Slalom Hafjell

Saturday January 15th 2022 Brettforbundet and Lillehammer Brettklubb are inviting all stoked snowboarders to come and ride Dual Banked Slalom in Hafjell, Norway.

Dual Banked Slalom Hafjell is apart of the new banked slalom ranking by the World Snowboard Federation.


Competition runs in three divisions that is age divided.

  • Kids is 12 and under
  • Juniors boys / girls age 13-15
  • Open woman / men age 16 and up

Competition Format:

Head to head. Winner from each racing pair moves on.

Lanes decided by 1 round of rock, paper, scissors. Winner chooses lane. Lanes should be close to equal.

Registration for international riders (International Riders traveling to Norway for this event):


Registration fee is 10 Euros

All riders that register in Norway use:


All participants must be a member of a club belonging to Brettforbundet and have a valid insurance / license.

Become a member of the club  here.

2. All info and opportunities for purchasing insurance / license can be found  here.

(Day insurance for 2022 is set at NOK 100 per competition day. Our year-round insurances cover both competitions and all relevant driving / training throughout the year)

Sign up for the Dual Banked Slalom Hafjell HERE

(Registration starts 17.des 2021 at 12:00) 


Prizemoney is equal for men and woman (Only for Open division) 2500, – NOK 1500, – NOK 1000, – NOK

Destination, Travel and Accommodation

See Hafjell resort website:

Banked Slalom Features News report Reports

Report: Burning Boots Banked Slalom 2020 was epic!

The third edition of Burning Boots Banked Slalom had it all – sunshine, fresh snow & banked turns. The event went down in March, before the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and having fun in the snow was still on every snowboarder’s mind. On Saturday, which was reserved for training runs and qualification, the winter even came to Brauneck with 20cm of fresh snow!

The course was handshaped by Snowboard Germany & Bayern and made the 170 registered riders absolutely happy. On Sunday the weather cleared up and the contest went down in the best possible conditions. Especially the kids in the categories U9, U12 and U15 were unstoppable and it was no surprise that the U15 riders placed also at TOP spots in the Open category.

Big thanks to the sponsors: K2 Snowboards, Burton, Nitro, Blue Tomato, Shred Kids, Stie Alm, Brauneck Bergbahn und die Snowboardschule Schneesturm

The 4th edition of the Burning Boots Banked Slalom will go down 27.-28.02.2021!

Open Men:

  1. Maximilian Thalhammer (SC Aising-Pang)
  2. Korbinian Blaschek (SC Miesbach)
  3. Markus Schwab

Open Ladies:

  1. Viktoria Egler
  2. Joana Attenberger (SC Dingoldfing)
  3. Tamara Schmidt (SC Dingoldfing)

U15 Boys:

  1. Julius Reichle (SC Konstanz)
  2. Elias Hamalainen
  3. Kenta Kirchwehm (SC Altglashütten)

U15 Girls:

  1. Florina Pohl (SC Bissingen)
  2. Loreley Pigmans
  3. Salome Jansing (SC Schellenberg)

U12 Boys:

  1. Benedikt Werner (SC Miesbach)
  2. Luka Kamissek (TSV 1860 München)
  3. Felix Babilon (SC Miesbach)

U12 Girls:

  1. Rosalie Bauer (SC Miesbach)
  2. Ida Bauer (SC Miesbach)page2image1536 page2image1728 page2image1920 page2image2112 page2image2304
  3. 3. Joana Fuchs (Shreddogs Munich)

U9 Boys:

  1. Leo Schwab
  2. David Babilon (SC Miesbach)
  3. Aris Kyriazis (Shreddogs Munich)

U9 Girls:

  1. Sita Heiny (SC Altglashütten)
  2. Isabella Wörner (TSV Uhlbach)
  3. Milja Bizenberger (Wsg Feldberg)

Stay in touch with the event on Instagram.


Photos: Coo.Productions

Banked Slalom Events Features News report

SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2020: Rollercoaster for all snowboarders!

The sixth edition of the SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2020 hosted by Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller, which is part of the WSF Banked Slalom tour 2019/20 took place successfully on 5-8 March 2020. Olympic champions, legends, former world champions, professional riders, amateurs and aspiring talents – everybody came together in LAAX this weekend to celebrate their passion for snowboarding.

BANKED SLALOM EXCITEMENTTerje Haakonsen and Laax local Nicolas Müller have now been hosting the SuddenRush Banked Slalom event in Laax for six years. In the event, the participants have to complete the 400-metre course featuring 20 banked turns as quickly as possible. The Banked Slalom dates back to the origins of the sport and has been celebrating a revival in recent years. The fascination with the event shows no signs of slowing down. Terje says: “Banked Slaloms are suitable for every rider, it’s kind of like riding a rollercoaster on time. It’s an honor hosting this event together with Nicolas at his home resort.” The age difference between the oldest (56) and youngest (6) participants is almost five decades. And this is exactly what makes the Banked Slalom so special. It feels rather like a meeting of generations. A coming together of the snowboard family, with riders from the early days through to the stars of today and the shredders of tomorrow.

The Banked Slalom competitions are arranged in a wide range of categories (17 in total). The riders line up at the start divided into numerous different age classes. Each participant performs two runs. Their best time is counted as their final result.

TOP STARS AND LEGENDS – On Friday, riders over 40 years of age, including a number of legends, lined up at the start alongside the top riders of today. In the Pro Women’s event, LAAX local Sina Candrian secured victory for the first time ahead of Karleen Jeffery-Barlia, who has a wealth of banked slalom experience, although primarily in the Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom event. The previous year’s champion, Chloe Sillieres from France, took the final spot on the podium. In the Pro Men’s competition, 45-year-old Reto Neiger from Switzerland claimed the title ahead of Christian ‘Hitsch’ Haller and snowboarding icon Travis Rice (USA), who was taking part in his first SuddenRush Banked Slalom. “I was aware of this event for many years, I’m psyched to finally be here.”

In the Super Masters Men (50+), Peter Bauer (53), who was one of Europe’s first snowboarding professionals in the 90s, showed his class once again. The Bavarian was well ahead of the rest of the field in his category. Thomas Scherrer (47) claimed victory in the Grand Masters Men (45-49), while Grindelwald native Pascal Imhof took top spot on the podium for the second year in a row in the Masters Men (40-44). His wife Murielle Imhof was victorious once again in the Masters Women (40+) ahead of Austrian Nici Pederzolli and Olympic champion 2006 Tanja Frieden.

OPEN TOP SPEED – On Saturday, the action continued with the Open class for amateurs aged 18-39. This is traditionally the category with the most participants. Svenja Schallner (25) came out on top in the Women’s event, while Alex Rufibach (35) reclaimed the title he won in 2018 in the Men’s. He also caused a sensation in the coming together at the end of the day when the top three to five riders from each category went up against one another again to determine the fastest riders across all categories in the ‘Fastest Run’ race. Rufibach unexpectedly overcame the top pros and master riders to take his place on the top of the podium for the second time of the day, with Reto Neiger, Pascal Imhof and Travis Rice coming in just behind him.

KIDS & FAKIE RACE – On Sunday, as is tradition, the spotlight was on the up-and-coming talent, and the young participants enjoyed a day of bright sunshine on the course. Every year, the young stars astonish the spectators with their skills on their boards, showing they are every bit the match of their older counterparts. They fearlessly mastered the banked turns with a smile on their face. Paula Bauer and Lura Wick came out on top in the Girls’ events. In the Boys’ events, defending champions in their age classes Nico Bondi and Jonas Hasler made it to the top of the podium, having also done so the week before at the Burton US OPEN Juniors. The teenager class (14-17 years) was won by Leonie Hasler and Julian Furrer.

The fakie race then brought the event to a close. This is a prestigious title for the riders, where they have to navigate the course backwards. David Hablützel showed his class here, finishing several seconds ahead of the rest of the field. “I’m fit. And I’m fast. Very fast,” he said at the start.

At the end of the day, all of the riders celebrated their passion for the sport and cruised through the course together. Simply sensational! As Reto Poltera says: “The Banked in LAAX is like a surf session at the sea!” This was SuddenRush Banked Slalom 2020 in LAAX. See you next year!

Check out also the video playlist on the LAAX YouTube channel.

Super Masters Men (50+)

  1. Peter Bauer
  2. Andy Meyenberg
  3. Thomas Hinterseer

Grand Masters Men (45-49)

  1. Thomas Scherrer
  2. Oliver Brunschwiler
  3. Didi Haab

Masters Women (from 40)

  1. Murielle Imhof
  2. Nici Pederzolli
  3. Tanja Frieden

Masters Men (40-44)

  1. Pascal Imhof
  2. Arild Brun Kjeldaas
  3. Ingemar Backman

Pro Women (from 18)

  1. Sina Candrian
  2. Karleen Jeffery-Barlia
  3. Chloe Sillieres

Pro Men (from 18)

  1. Reto Neiger
  2. Christian Haller
  3. Travis Rice

Open Women (18-39)

  1. Svenja Schallner
  2. Lia Langenegger
  3. Tiziana Casutt

Open Men (18-39)

  1. Alex Rufibach
  2. Renato Nadig
  3. Thomas Wolf

Fastest Race Women

  1. Chloe Sillieres
  2. Murielle Imhof
  3. Svenja Schallner

Fastest Race Men

  1. Alex Rufibach
  2. Reto Neiger
  3. Pascal Imhof

Fakie Race

  1. David Hablützel
  2. Reto Neiger
  3. Alex Rufibach

Young Kids Girls (up to 10)

  1. Paula Bauer
  2. Samira Sprenger
  3. Raquel Süssmeier

Young Kids Boys (up to 10)

  1. Nico Bondi
  2. Leo Thoresen
  3. Laurin Derungs

Old Kids Girls (11-13)

  1. Lura Wick
  2. Kona Ettel
  3. Rosie Rothney

Old Kids Boys (11-13)

  1. Jonas Hasler
  2. Mischa Zürcher
  3. Luis Marchesi

Juniors Girls (14-17)

  1. Leonie Hasler
  2. Samuela Mondani
  3. Alexandra Eckhardt

Junior Boys (14-17)

  1. Julian Furrer
  2. Rafael Burri
  3. Elash Ndiaye

About the event:

The annual SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2020 hosted by Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller is taking place since 2015 in the beginning of March. With this event, LAAX brings the roots of snowboarding into the present day. Aged between four and sixty-four or more the riders’ field is made up of park shapers, pro riders, former world champions, boardercross specialists, alpine legends, leisure boarders, Olympics and, of course, host legends Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller are personally on-site.


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Gstaad Banked Slalom 2020 had a record number of 121 riders!

It was a great edition of the Gstaad Banked Slalom with heaps of fresh snow and a course which the 121 competitors really enjoyed!
It was also a new record of participants in the deep Röstigraben under the Gummfluh far away from the civilization.
Many kids won great prizes and the adults where having lots of fun in the well shaped banks.
Real Banked Slalom roots the way it should be…
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Official GO for SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2020

The SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2020 hosted by Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller will take place for the sixth time from the 5th to 8th of March 2020  As we already informed you in this article, where you can find all relevant information.

Safety for all participants is as important as fun in the snow. After application by LAAX and the official risk analysis, the Canton of Graubünden has approved the event. From the first snowboarders of Switzerland*, early contest riders of international level to young park shredders, they come to LAAX to have fun in the course plenty of banked turns up at Crap Sogn Gion mountain.

Who is on the starting list of the popular SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2020?

For example the slalom ace of the 90s Peter Bauer, defending champion Super Masters in LAAX, and the former boardercross professional Reto Poltera, member of the management of LAAX, the Weisse Arena Group. Or the freestylers Ingemar Backman, who celebrated his first international victory in 1996 in Laax in the halfpipe, and Christian Hitsch Haller, who rocked the halfpipe at the OPEN events from 2005 to 2018. And Ueli Kestenholz, the fast multisportsman, very fast in alpine and BX snowboarding at the turn of the millennium.

In the Ladies Pro and Master category, some famous names also appear: such as the Olympic champions Nicola Thost (Halfpipe 1998) and Tanja Frieden (Boardercross 2006); LAAX BX winner 1997 Nici Pederzolli; Freeride World Tour Champion 2010 Aline Bock; Slopestyle expert Sina Candrian, LAAX OPEN winner 2020 Queralt Castellet, as well as the fastest woman on board in LAAX for three years Ariane Staib-Glaus, twice the age of Chloe Sillieres, who won the Pro category in 2019.

Like the hosts Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller, many of them come from the freestyle snowboard contest scene and earn their money while enchanting their fans with freeriding. Such as the “Ästhetiker” Steve Gruber and Tom Beckna Eberharter, as well as Travis Rice, currently one of the most remarkable and influential snowboarders worldwide. The fact that he will really be competing in Laax in the Banked Slalom 2020 will also be a truly unforgettable highlight for all the many riders from the OPEN, KIDS and JUNIOR categories.

Photos: Ruggli