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Event Application for REGIONAL and NATIONAL Level

The Northern Hemisphere is about to kick off its season soon. We hereby provide you the necessary infos on how to get your events part of the World Snowboard Tour (WST) and its  international ranking systems.

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The WSF continues working together with TTR Pro Snowboarding, the owner of the World Snowboard Tour and World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPL). The WSF, as service provider, has been granted the exclusive and world-wide right to approve any events for the World Snowboard Tour on REGIONAL and NATIONAL level in collaboration with the TTR Tour Management. WSF works closely with the National Snowboard Association (NSAs) and the NSAs should play an active role in evaluating, coordinating and handling all events on these levels in the country. Please make sure that you get an overview of all events at the lower level in your country and make sure they are all registered as WSF-events.

World Snowboard Tour 2.0
During this year’s General Assembly in Barcelona, the TTR members decided that the World Snowboarding Tour will restructure both the tour and its ranking system. The restructuring process has been keeping us very busy this summer to ensure all details are awarded the proper attention. The proposed transition to the new structure and its ranking system is scheduled for Nov 1st, 2014. All events that took place this season (2014/15), including all events after the Burton US Open in Vail, will be included in the new tour structure when the transition is made. During the development stage of the new 4-Level event structure, we have been working closely with the Global Snowboarders Alliance (GSA) Board to ensure that the riders have an input and a voice pertaining to any improvements that they would like to see in the tour. Currently we are still in the middle of talks with the current 6-Star level event organizers and IMG regarding a “Pro Series”. The new ranking system will continue to utilize the World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPL) to determine seeding and rider competition eligibility.



Event requirements
All the requirements for the event levels can be found HERE.  Please study this form carefully; all event applications will be evaluated according to these requirements.

The WSF and the WST logos should be included in all promotional material for the event such as posters, banners, bibs, backdrop walls etc.

WSF Logos:
WST Logos:


Event Benefits
WSF is working generously in providing the nations and event organizers qualitative services for their REGIONAL and NATIONAL level events. The event benefit document gives a detailed overview about the profits you may get from your events by both: WSF as well as being part of the World Snowboard Tour.

National ranking and WSF Rookie Ranking
The national rankings as well as the World Rookie Ranking will from now on be integrated in the WSPL and the season ranking of the World Snowboard Tour.
WSF offers the separation of Grom (under 16) and Rookies (under 18). The ranking will be used as a qualification to the WSF World Rookie Tour Finals in Ischgl.
More information about how to prepare results for these rankings will be sent out soon.

WSF Event Ranking Fees
REGIONAL: 100 Euro
NATIONAL: 700 Euro
WSF is offering a discount for tours to the NSAs– please have a look at the EVENT REQUIREMENTS for more details.

Download HERE your event applications. Its’ easy: Just fill out the single columns with event information and send them to the WSF Event Coordinator.

You will all receive an invoice based on the number of events approved.  Results from events will not be uploaded until fee is paid successfully. Thank you for your understanding.
All information / applications to be sent to

Appoint a person responsible for all about ranking
It is absolutely necessary that you all appoint a person responsible for coordinating and operating all about ranking. This person must be responsible for
•    World Snowboard Tour Event applications WSF
•    All about result list for uploading to
•    Information about changes and cancellations of events
•    Communication with WSF and event organisers
•    Photos and reports to WSF press office to
Please inform about name and contact information as soon as this person is appointed!!!

WSF welcomes all nations to be part of the rankings and if you have questions, please let us know.