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WSF Banked Slalom Tour is back for the 2019/20 season!

Time to build those banked turns again! The WSF Banked Slalom Tour is back this season with some fresh information for all events organizers and national associations.

What is the Banked Slalom Tour?
The WSF Banked Slalom Tour (BST) was launched in October 2014. The BST is an international tour to promote and celebrate the history of snowboarding. WSF Banked Slalom Tour concept offers a platform and a network within currently existing events and support to create new ones.

How to become part of the WSF Banked Slalom Tour?
WSF invites all national associations and event organizers that already have a banked slalom contest on their schedule to be part of the tour and fill out the attached application form to participate.
WSF also invites all of you to organize a Banked Slalom contest and get support from us on how to do it. We will give technical support to those who have never organized a Banked Slalom event, but WSF will also support the PR and communication activities of already scheduled events.

Please download the application form and check out the general information, event benefits and recommendations. Membership application is to be found here. Do not hesitate to contact us at:
Please send the application form back to:
What are our goals with the WSF Banked Slalom Tour?
  • To expose the true  spirit of snowboarding to everyone
  • To offer National Snowboard Associations a new competitive format for their national tour and self promotion
  • To develop a WSF event that allows everyone to participate
  • To develop a low risk event
  • To develop Banked slalom courses that allow all levels of snowboarder to develop their skills

Which tools do we use to achieve the goals?

What is this year’s tour structure?

The vision is to create events which allow riders of all levels to participate. In order to bring more people into the sport, we decided to start with a very easy concept, combining athletic performance with fun.

There are many existing banked slalom events world wide. The WSF tour concept is to offer a platform and network within currently existing events, bringing more attention to banked slalom, as well as the individual events.

The podium winners (female and male) from all tour stops will participate in a ruffle. The ruffle will be conducted through online video at the end of the season (beginning of next season). Through the ruffle, grand prize will be an invitation to the Legendary Mount Baker Banked Slalom. Additional prizes will be given to ruffle participants, such as t-shirts and accessories.

What are the benefits for the event organizers?

  • Event profile on WSF home page
  • Right to use BST logo
  • Included in WSF BST Calendar and Flyer
  • PR communication for individual events, prior to and after the event
  • PR communication about the tour, including all events
  • Assistance in developing all aspects of each event and banked slalom in general after request
  • Networking platform for organizers to communicate regarding banked slalom events online meeting (one-two per year)
  • Prizes through the ruffle system
  • Possibility to work with Quattro media for a special deal – 2-3 internet videos 2-5 min. for internet distribution + TV integration in a 26 min. TV show (world wide distributed) for 1500,- (Media evaluation included)
Full Event Membership WSF:
  • Access to WSF Member Benefits Program
  • Full Member with participation and voting right (see appendix 1)
  • Inclusion in the WSF Calendars
  • Promotion of the events through the WSF Media Channels
  • Third limited liability through WSF (more info after request)
  • Excess to WSPL/WSF Rankings

Complete information are to be found in the official presentation.

If you have any questions just drop as an e-mail at:

Banked Slalom Events Features News upcoming events

GummiLove Banked Slalom Stoos – 16. March 2019

„Back to the roots“ that’s the spirit for this year’s fourth edition of GummiLove Banked Slalom Stoos. 110 contestants including snowboard legends such as Fredi Kalbermatten were chasing down one of the most spectacular runs in Switzerland last year.  But it is the fun and the love for snowboarding that come in a first place and what make this event to such a great occasion for all the lovers of the sport to come together and celebrate. After the continuing success of the previous years, Dani “Gummi” Rietmann from GummiLove and Beni Plüss from the hosting local Shredisfaction Snowpark are super stoked and convinced that this year is going to be another record-breaking edition. 
Also it is GummiLove’s 10-Year anniversary so it’s going to be a great party all day that will continue after the event, when the DJs of HIBOU are heating up the legendary Klingenkellerbar. You really shouldn’t miss out on this one!
If you’re not familiar with the resort yet, Stoos is located right in the heart of Switzerland and super easy to get to. Plus you get to ride the world’s steepest furnicular to get up there. Need anything more to get hyped? Guess not!
So safe your spot soon as the hosts are expecting even more registration whilst the capacity of contestants is limited. 
08:00 – 09:30 Registration at valley station “Schlattli”
09.00 – 10.45 Training
11.00 – 16.00 Race
16.15 – 16.45 Fakie Race (volontary)
17.00 Award Ceremony
20.00 – 04.00 Afterparty with HIBOU at Klingenkellerbar in Hotel Klingenstock Stoos
Prices of Registration incl. Ski pass:
CHF 50 Kids & Teens – 19 y.o. 
CHF 60 Adults
CHF 30 Registration w.o. Ski Pass
Important: You must arrive via funicular valley station “Schlattli” as the on-site registration and bib number distribution is located there. Like for registration: