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SSA Park & Pipe Series Starts this weekend!

SSA is excited to confirm the events for the 2017 SSA Park & Pipe Series.

Australia’s biggest park & pipe skiing and snowboarding series for 2017 kicks off this weekend with the Playstation Slopestyle in Perisher 15 July.


Introduced in 2016, the SSA Park and Pipe Series brings together five competitive events that have been running independently of each other for many years. Through international sanctioning with the Association of Free Ski Professionals (AFP), the World Snowboard Tour (WST), and the International Ski Federation (FIS), the series supports a comprehensive national competition pathway where every athlete registered for the series will be added to the World Ranking lists.

In creating a series with international event sanctioning, the level of quality and consistency can be applied across the domestic events, attracting a larger pool of athlete talent.

“With these events, athletes no longer need to travel to gain valuable competition experience.” SSA Park & Pipe Coordinator Richard Hegarty said. “The events also attract big name international athletes and teams to Australia, improving the competition landscape and experience for all competitors.”

The Series allows young athletes to compete with the best in the world in their age groups; a positive way to nurture and develop kids in the sport. It will create a stronger competition scene and give kids experience at home that they would have had to spend a fortune in the past to gain overseas.

“The sport becomes so much more interesting to the wider audience if it has a tour structure and World Wide ranking systems,” Hegarty said.

The series begins with the Playstation Slopestyle event in Perisher and finishes in Thredbo with the One Hit Wonder, which will include Snowboard for the first time this year.

The One Hit Wonder event is an AFP Gold sanctioned event as well as an International World Snowboard Tour event, boasting the largest Big Air jump anywhere in the world.

“It will be a display of the very best progressive freestyle you will ever see in a Big Air event” Hegarty said.

Live Scoring of these events will be available through SSA’s new Snowracer website. This will allow family and the public to follow the events and results live from anywhere in the world.

To register for the events visit

SSA Park & Pipe Series events:

SSA Park & Pipe Series is sanctioned by:

  • AFP (Association of Freeski Professionals)
  • WST (World Snowboard Tour)
  • FIS (International Ski Federation).

Registration and Membership:

  • All Free Ski competitors need to be SSA licensed members of the AFP
  • All Snowboard competitors need to be licensed members of the WST

Athletes can sign up for these registrations via the Ski & Snowboard Australia membership portal.

Please ensure that you are a current member of SSA and when registering or renewing that you select the appropriate AFP or WST registration. Visit the SSA membership page for more details.

Registration information for all events can be found directly on the resort or event websites.

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TTR Pro Snowboarding and World Snowboard Federation Create One Joint Organisation

Effective immediately, the two powerhouses of competitive and grass roots snowboarding, TTR Pro Snowboarding (TTR) and the World Snowboard Federation (WSF) have decided to become united and form one joint organisation.

By combining the passion and the assets of the TTR and WSF, snowboarding will now have a majority share of the ‘whole of sport’ platform that will be further developed in the best interest of the riders on all levels for the seasons ahead.

The joint organisation will represent Nations, Event Organisers and Riders, with all key stakeholders finally coming together in one organization to shape the future of snowboarding.

This fusion of both organisations will aggregate a network of people with vast ‘whole of sport’ knowledge, key assets like the World Snowboard Tour, the WSPL (World Snowboarding Points List), the Global Season Calendar, the Planning Calendar, Sports Data and Stats Center, Officials’ Education Program and Event Certification resources. Most importantly, this merger will bring together the largest collective of competitive snowboarders and snowboarding events on the planet!

‘I am very happy that this merger has been agreed upon. Both organisations have been working towards this common goal for many years. We at the WSF organise stimulating and fun activities that grow and develop snowboarding in the true spirit of the sport. Combine that with the vast history of all of the sports greatest events that have grown alongside TTR Pro Snowboarding makes the new organisation very powerful.’

Meinhard Trojer – World Snowboard Federation President

‘This step is one of the most important ones in the history of snowboarding. The fusion of TTR and WSF will give relevant weight and room for the future development of snowboarding as an independent sport and lifestyle culture. All members of TTR and WSF have jointly built the stepping stone for the future of snowboarding with an overwhelming sense of fairness.’

Reto Lamm – TTR Pro Snowboarding President 


The current worldwide competition landscape is extremely vital. By becoming one organization we are uniting a vast number of events and serve a growing number of snowboarders who compete on the World Snowboard Tour. Over 1000 events and in excess  of 10,000 active competitors, the new WSF represents snowboarding like no other organization in the world.

‘The ability to represent grass-roots competitive snowboarding worldwide, is well in line with our mission at USASA.  We are looking forward to continuing with the momentum from the WSF General Assembly 2017 in support of the proposed merger’

Mike Mallon Executive Director USASA

‘The alignment of WSF / TTR is a great next step in the evolution of the sport. For athletes, coaches, event delivery, partners and producers there is a clearer pathway for participants and competitions at each stage of the pathway. Now, national federations can see where events and athletes can develop more concrete plans to continue to progress both event evolution and athlete skill progression.’

Dustin Heise Sport Development Senior Director Canada Snowboard

Following the General Assembly in Verona, Italy, the merging process has been brought to its final phase after years of hard work to align the multiple shareholders and members of both organisations. As of today the work begins on the day-to-day administration of the major combined assets the World Snowboard Tour and the WSPL with the help of all member nations and their event organisers. In October 2017 an Extraordinary General Assembly will be held in Zurich, Switzerland, where the final pieces of the puzzle will be legally joined and the new board and new combined association President elected.


The WSPL, the core component of the World Snowboard Tour platform used by athletes to check their results and world ranking position, by all International and Elite events for seeding athletes, and by NSOs for selecting National and Olympic teams and by the media for clarity of sport communication was deliberately restricted in January 2017 by TTR Pro Snowboarding. This drastic move, which temporarily handicapped the WSPL’s value was aimed at triggering action from the snowboard community into financially backing a service that until this merger was fully financed by TTR Pro Snowboarding and its event members. With the merger complete and all NSOs in agreement the WSPL is now going to be reinstalled to its previous functionality for everyone to use freely with confidence that the system is the only true and complete ranking service for competitive snowboarding. This service will also become available to other non-freestyle disciplines as the WSF expands its servicing of its NSO members.

‘By becoming one, the new organization is well positioned to coordinate, support and communicate the interest of the world’s best snowboarders, all the national associations, as well as independent event organizers and the snowboarding industry. The new organisation can work with all parties on the global snowboarding stage to achieve a more sustainable competitive snowboarding landscape. This is everyone’s responsibility, and we call upon all to contribute in the best interest of the sport.’

Ola Keul, President of the Norwegian Snowboard Association


WSF Press Team

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WST End of Season Showdown – Latest WSPL Changes

We’re coming out of back-to-back Elite events Burton US Open and X Games Norway where riders threw down and competed for WSPL points in Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air.
Now the season-end showdown is on. With 3 WST accredited events (Grandvalira Total Fight, Spring Battle & PSA Asia Grand Championships) still coming up and 2 non-WST accredited FIS events (Sierra Nevada World Championships & Spindleruv Mlyn World Cup) also counting towards the WSPL ranking, riders are feeling the pressure to collect last minute ranking points. Let’s look at the latest WSPL ranking changes.

Nobody seems to be able to knock Anna Gasser (AUT) of the top spot on the Slopestyle ranking. Anna has a comfortable lead after her wins at Burton US Open and X Games Norway, compared to 19-year old Julia Marino (USA) in 2nd place and Jamie Anderson (USA) in 3rd place.

Mark McMorris (CAN) is undoubtedly still the world’s best Slopestyle rider. He is sitting in 1st place on the Slopestyle ranking after he took home the win at the Burton US Open. Sven Thorgren (SWE) has moved up 2 spots into 2nd place after his win at X Games Norway, followed by Max Parrot (CAN) in 3rd.

The man from down under is still all the way at the top. Even though Shaun White (USA) won the Burton US Open, Scotty James‘ (AUS) 2nd place at US Open was enough to keep him in 1st place on the Halfpipe ranking. Will Scotty be able to stay in 1st when Shaun is right on his heels in 2nd place? Chase Josey (USA) who launched onto the scene this year sits in 3rd place.

Also benefiting from a win at the Burton US Open is Chloe Kim (USA) who has been dominating the top spot on the Halfpipe ranking now for a while. Heavy hitter Kelly Clark (USA) is right behind her in 2nd place. Noteworthy is Elizabeth Hosking‘s (CAN) move into 30th place. She is now considered one of the top 30 female Halfpipe riders in the world. Not bad for 15-years old…

Leveraging his 3rd place at X Games Norway, Torgeir Bergrem (NOR) is now the 2nd Norwegian in the top 10 on the Big Air ranking. Torgeir moved up 5 spots into 9th place. Marcus Kleveland (NOR) sits in in 3rd place behind Marc McMorris (CAN) in 2nd and Max Parrot (CAN) in 1st.

Silje Norendal (NOR) took the win on home turf at X Games Norway and moved up 19 spots into 15th place. Hailey Langland (USA) remains in 2nd and Katie Ormerod (GBR) in 3rd.

Natsuki Sato (JPN) is now in the top 50 after moving up 27 spots into 41st place on the Womens Slopestyle ranking.

We continue with the Elite Spring Battle and Grandvalira Total Fight as well as the International PSA Asia Grand Championship.

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Bayerische Meisterschaft Snowboard Slopestyle 2017

On 18 March 2017, the snowboarding club GaPa will be hosting the 5th Snowboard Slopestyle Contest in the #ParkAmHex kessel, Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

We are looking for the NEW Bavarian Champions!!
All info

BayerischeMeisterschaft-2017_Poster_WebSponsored by:
K2 Snowboarding, RIDE Snowboards Europe, Nitro Snowboards Germany, CASIO G-SHOCK, Edge To Edge Snowboardshop, Snowboard Bayern, WSF

Supported by:
Pleasure Snowboard Magazin

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Spring Battle 2017 Upgrades to WST Elite Level

For 16 years, the Spring Battle has been all about creativity and fun, which is one of the reasons why well-known riders from Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand keep coming back to the perfectly shaped Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl year after year to take part in the relaxed jam session at the end of the season.

2017, both the World Snowboard Tour and the Association of Freeskiing Professionals upgraded the event to a WST Elite Level Event and an AFP Gold Event. The men’s top 40 and women’s top 10 in the WST and AFP ranking will have a save spot at Spring Battle, so a number of high-class athletes will definitely be taking part in the contest again. Still, anyone who feels like challenging international contest riders and riding the demanding setup is welcome — the event is open for all, men, women, freeskiers and snowboarders.

Riders love the follow cam jam session format of the Slopestyle contest. Follow cam what?… No worries, it’s easy to explain: Just team up with a buddy or filmer, film each other’s runs for a couple of days until you capture a good one on video, and hand in the uncut video for judging. The team constellation is totally open, anyone can team up and even mixed teams are allowed. Creativity and style are the key factors for a good score, not the filming technique, and the contest will be judged in four categories: snowboard men and women as well as freeski men and women.

Even though the Spring Battle has the vibe of an easygoing jam session, the prize money is worth 70.000 US dollars, so taking part definitely pays off! As the number of participants is limited, we highly recommend you to sign up and transfer the entry fee until March 4, 2017, to get one of the open spots.

For more information about the Spring Battle 2017 and the Absolut Park, head to the WST Spring Battle profile or to

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Germany to Crown the Master of Big Air

Who will be crowned the German Master of Big Air? The showdown will start this Thursday at the Götschen resort in Germany, a former world cup venue. Men and women of all ages will fight for the honor of being called the German Master!

Expect sick prizes, a chill out area as well as many side events.

The competition is open for anyone to enter and to battle for the Big Air title. The best riders will get a WILDCARD for the WST ELITE Event GRANDVALIRA TOTAL FIGHT 2017!

Thu. 16.02 / Training Day
Fri. 17.02 / Contest Day
Night Final: 18:00 – 22:00
Max. Riders: 80
Sanctioned by: WST NAT. & FIS EC
Registration: For Single riders and open team (WST and every kind) please download, fill it out and send it to – until latest 15th February!

– JAIL JAM / Fr. 17.02 – 16 Uhr
– Riders party / Fr. 17.02 – 22 Uhr

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Max Parrot leads Slopestyle and Big Air ranking

After Max Parrot (CAN) took the lead from Mark McMorris (CAN) last week, he seems to get comfortable at the top with McMorris in 2nd and Marcus Kleveland (NOR) in 3rd. Red Gerard’s (USA) win at the U.S Grand Prix in Mammoth moved him into 6th place.

The biggest leap on the womens side was made by Hailey Langland (USA) who is now in 4th place on the Slopestyle ranking after she placed 2nd in Mammoth.


Kelly Clark (USA) is moving back towards the top spot. After her win at the U.S Grand Prix in Mammoth she is now back in 3rd place on the Halfpipe ranking.

The top 3 on the mens Halfpipe ranking have remained unchanged with Scotty James (AUS) in 1st, Chase Josey (USA) in 2nd and Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI) in 3rd. Brett Esser (USA) made the biggest improvement of the day by jumping up 46 spots into 47th place.


Max Parrot (CAN) is the new the Big Air ranking leader ahead of Marcus Kleveland (NOR) and Sebastien Toutant (CAN). Max’s riding has been consistent this season and it is paying off with two world ranking top spots!

Enni Rukajarvi (FIN) moved up two spots into 4th place on the Big Air ranking, behind Katie Ormerod (GBR) in 3rd and Hailey Langland (USA) in 2nd.

15-year old Zoi Sadowski Synnott (NZL) placed 4th in Mammoth and moved up 36 spots into 31st place on the womens Slopestyle ranking!


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The 15th JBMC Nanshan Open Presented by Alan Wong

The Nanshan Open began as a grass roots backyard-style snowboard competition 15 years ago, and 2017 sees it return to it’s roots. The Nanshan Open was the first snowboard competition held in China, it’s first incarnation featuring just a handful of riders shredding together with a case of beer as the top prize.

Eventually maturing into an international level event with big prize money and big names attending, the fame and glory isn’t for everyone, and #15 sees the competition escape those pressures in place of a more relaxed regional level event. Sponsored by event organiser Marco Huang’s brand JBMC and presented by local restauranteur and snowboard legend Alan Wong and supported by the Nanshan Mellow Park sponsors Union, Nitro, Shred Volcom and Demon, this step back allows those involved to relax more, some to compete in the event as they once did, and of course bring back the classic ‘Muwu’ after party tradition! Gan-bei!

15th JBMC Nanshan Open (World Snowboard Tour Regional Level) presented by Alan Wong – Saturday, 7th of January 2017

Slopestyle. Open Event. Each rider (female and male) will have two runs; best single run counts. The top 8 will progress into the afternoon’s super finals for two runs each, best counts.

1st = JBMC gear, HATSUNE food voucher, Beer / WST points
2nd = JBMC gear, HATSUNE food voucher, Beer / WST points
3rd = JBMC gear, HATSUNE food voucher, Beer / WST points
4th-8th = Beer / WST points
as well as prizes by our Nanshan Mellow Park sponsors Union, Nitro, Shred, Demon and Volcom


Speaker: Eric Zhu (PRC)
Judges: Huang Marco (PRC), Alan Wong (USA), Steve Zdarsky (AUT)
on site board tuning by Longge
Medical fitness support by TAB

09:00 – 10:30 Sign up / Training
10:30 – 12:30 Qualification first and second run
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break and park maintenance
13:30 – 14:15 Warm up and Super Finals (top 8 riders, 2 runs, best counts)
14:30              Prize giving ceremony
18:00              Muwu Afterparty


Slopestyle (choose your line): Judges will be looking at
• Execution, including take off, maneuver control, landing, style
• Difficulty
• Amplitude
• Variety
• Combinations
• Risk
• Progression
• Technical Nature

A little history…

It began over a decade ago as the ‘Nanshan Open’, when a small group of friends threw the first snowboard competition ever held on Chinese soil with just a handful of riders and a case of beer as the top prize. As the contest has evolved and grew the following years, it earned global recognition in 2007 as a 3Star stop on the World Snowboard Tour. The Nanshan Open has ‘leveled up’ since then to International Level status, and is now the largest slopestyle competition in Asia on the World Snowboard Tour.

The event has hosted a who’s-who of up-and-coming riders, including numerous Olympians, Transworld’s ‘Rookie of the Year’ Austin Smith, female superstars Hana Beaman and Leanne Pelosi, along with the Isenseven, Nitro RoadWarriors and Pirate Movie Productions film crews. Past winners of the event include Billtoft Ludvig (2016)Mons Roisland (2015), Mathias Weissenbacher (2014), Jeremy Thompson (2013), Juuso Laivisto (2012 and 2010), Janne Korpi (2011) Freddy Austbo (2009), Jakob Wilhelmson (2008) and Hampus Mosesson (2007), with a ‘guest judge’ line-up equally impressive including Travis Parker, Michi Albin, Ingemar Backman and Scotty Wittlake.

What the riders say…

The Nanshan Open in China was amazing. From the moment we arrived in Beijing we 
were taken care of so well. Amazing dinners every night, nice hotels and we got to do lots of touristy stuff… The comp was fun too, definitely one of my better snowboarding experiences” – Nick Brown, 2010

“It was for me the best competition of the season, really good time – whole week, good crowd, crazy parties… and I won!” – Mathias Weissenbacher, 2014

“Absolute best time ever! I hope I can come to this competition every year for the rest of my life…” – Ian Thorley, 2013, 2014

“Going to China was awesome. I broke my nose, split it open, jacked my ankle up, but I had a great time. It was a super rad experience.” – Hana Beaman, 2013

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QParks Snowboard Tour Set for 2016/17

For seven years the QParks Snowboard Tour has been paving the way for ambitious shred talents from the alpine area to start their pro careers. Owing to the professional & international judges and an impressive cash price of a total of 40.000 €, the biggest amateur contest series of the Alps is the perfect introduction to the world of competition. What’s more, the catering for the riders is FREE from this season onwards. There’s also news on the brand-new QParks Snowboard Tour website, the fresh new look makes the free registration even easier.

Contests for Riders – For 7 Years

With contests in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, the QParks Snowboard Tour remains the biggest ongoing freestyle amateur contest series of the entire alpine area in 2016/17. One of its main goals is supporting young talent. Competitors in the categories men, women and groms are looking forward to a top-notch setup perfect for each skill level and plenty of cool goodies and cash prizes from Amplifi, QParks and Pinetime Clothing. All the action will make riders hungry and that’s why all of the riders will enjoy free food and drinks at each tour stop.

Rankings, Cups & Points

The loyalty of the competitors will be rewarded once again: Apart from the essential QParks Snowboard Tour points, there’s also the chance to collect points for the WSPL Ranking of the World Snowboard Tour and the World Rookie Rank. Plus, the stops in Austria are part of the Austria Cup.

QParks Snowboard Tourstops

19/11/2016 Pleasure Jam – Superpark Dachstein
07/01/2017 Battle ROJal – Snowpark Schöneben
14/01/2017 Penken Battle – Vans Penken Park
28/01/2017 Blue Tomato Plan P – Superpark Planai
11/02/2017 Nock’n’Rock – Snowpark Turracher Höhe
18/02/2017 Sick Trick Tour Open – Snowpark Kitzbühel
25/02/2017 Gold & Glory Golden – Roofpark Axamer Lizum
11/03/2017 Oakley Schilthorn Open – Skyline Snowpark Schilthorn
18/03/2017 Shred Masters Feldberg – Badenova Snowpark Feldberg
22/04/2017 Roof Battle – Superpark Dachstein

NEW: QParks Snowboard Tour Website – Upgrade Included

You’ll also find all the information on each stop on the fully redesigned QParks Snowboard Tour Website. It was developed by the graphic designers, programmers and editorial staff of QParks and we’re now proud to present a stylish new page optimized for mobile devices. Here, the tour riders have the possibility to register for all of the tour stops – it’s really simple and, as usual, there are no starting fees!

Best Trick Battle – Win the VIP Invitation

Those riders who convinced the judges last year with their style and managed to win the category “Best Trick” have even more reason to be happy – All of last year’s winners of the various tour stops are currently in the race for the “Best Trick Battle” collecting as many votes as possible for their trick online. The prize is a VIP Invitation for one of the upcoming tour stops including lift tickets and accommodation for two persons. The voters won’t be left empty handed as well – Pinetime Clothing will draw a cool package among them, which will also include the new HiRise Hoodie.

Check out Facebook and Instagram for guidelines on the voting and further general information.

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WST 2017 Season Announcement

TTR Pro Snowboarding (TTR), established in 2002, is proud to announce a major change for the upcoming 2017 World Snowboard Tour season. Since 2012, TTR has been constantly working on uniting the competitive freestyle snowboard community and is now taking one more stride forward in this mission by focusing all its resources on an all-inclusive World Snowboard Tour and World Snowboarding Points Lists. The TTR Pro Series and the TTR Tour Rankings will be discontinued, from this date forward.

This decision was made following a thorough review of the current state of competitive freestyle snowboarding at the 2016 TTR General Assembly in June where TTR members have moved to eliminate the categorization of TTR and non-TTR events (FIS, Olympics, Dew Tour, Air + Style etc). Moving forward, the World Snowboard Tour will now focus resources on being an all-inclusive platform for all freestyle snowboard events and offer its services for associations, riders and events to utilize. These services include the World Snowboard Tour platform, the Global Season Calendar, the Planning Calendar, World Snowboarding Points Lists, Sports Data and Stats Center, Athlete License Program, Officials’ Education Program and Event Certification resources. All services will be featured under the World Snowboard Tour umbrella and operated, maintained and provided by TTR Pro Snowboarding.

Any freestyle snowboard event that hosts halfpipe, slopestyle or big air disciplines are welcome to join the World Snowboard Tour program regardless of the event’s current affiliation, national organization, host or promoter.

Events will join the WST by submitting an application and paying a licensing fee. Once WST accreditation is granted, events will be included on the Global Season and Planning Calendars and featured on the World Snowboard Tour platform. All event results will be processed and verified for points attribution in the World Snowboarding Points Lists. Riders (age 14 and up) will be required to obtain a WST Rider License in order to be included and ranked on the WSPL. Funds raised from event and rider licenses will be directly used to continue the operation of the WSPL, Global Season Calendar and Planning Calendar that will all be featured on the WST website: Events or athletes which have not obtained a WST license by January 1st, 2017 will be excluded from all WST services including the WSPL going forward.

In an effort to make the World Snowboard Tour services accessible to everyone, the TTR Executive Board has approved a new pricing structure for WST services. Event license fees for International and Elite level events have been reduced by 50% and the Athlete License is offered for 60 USD annually.

The World Snowboarding Points Lists will continue to build through these changes to be the most comprehensive, fair, accurate and transparent universal ranking system for freestyle snowboard athletes in the world. The WSPL has become the only complete list of athlete results in the world and is currently widely used by riders and nations, as well as, a tool for events to utilize for global seeding and ranking.

In addition to keeping a current and accurate global ranking system, the WST database holds historic competition and results data from events and athletes dating back to 1995. No other resource exists in the world that holds this amount of information for the sport that can be utilized for historical data as well as current statistical information.

All freestyle snowboard events and athletes are officially invited to participate and benefit from the World Snowboard Tour services. WST Rider License registration has been open since July 1st, 2016 and has registered over 300 riders to date. WST Event License registration will officially open Tuesday October 11th 2016.

More info: