Mel Simmons named as Partner Relationship Manager at TTR

Snowboarding veteran and long-time judge Mel Simmons from New Zealand will join TTR’s team in the Munich office in the newly created role as Partner Relationship Manager. In this position she will be the point person for World Snowboard Tour operations as well as coordinate the relationships with TTR’s key partners: events, riders and industry. Many of her responsibilities she will take over from Fabia Grüebler, who decided to leave TTR after more than three years as Tour Director.

TTR President Reto Lamm:
„First of all I would like to thank Fabia for the great work she has done in the past three years to develop the Tour. She has truly made an impact and has also become the face of the tour to the riders and events. Leading the tour restructuring over the last two years and establishing better relationships with the event organizers and the riders through supporting the setup of the Global Snowboarders Alliance (GSA) from TTR’s side were her major achievements. With the tour development continuing we decided to create a new role, that is dedicated to managing relationships with all key stakeholders of the tour. We are thrilled to get Mel on board with the World Snowboard Tour. Not only has she a deep passion and understanding of the sport, but she is also highly respected within the community through her work as a judge at major events and her pivotal role in the setup of the GSA. Through her position as Tour Coordinator for the Southern Hemisphere events in 2011/ 2012, she has a connection to our organization that goes way back.“


Author: Elisa