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Back to the future: the SuddenRush BANKED SLALOM Last chance to register for the one and only snowboard RACE in LAAX!

From March 2 to 4, 2018 the SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2018 hosted by Terje Haakonsen & Nicolas Müller will happen in LAAX, Switzerland. 350 riders between 6 and 66 years anticipate a pleasure racing the freshly shovelled course on a new location up in the wide white area of LAAX.

The organizer and its hosts declare open season on the last starting spots: register now online on until February 21, 2018 and secure your participation-ticket for happiness in a chronometry snowboard race.

Be it as competitor or spectator, as cheerleader, fan-club, rubberneck or simply as a passionate snowboarder, there will be a lot to watch and to experience on-hill and off-hill at the 4th edition of the SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX: thrilling races and great runs from GALAAXY to earth mixed with hot parties, live DJ-Acts and the TIDAL art show in the Riders Hotel. Check the full programme here.

Short contest overview:

– 02 MAR 2018 training
– 03 MAR 2018 the race
– 04 MAR 2018 kids race, fakie race

Categories: pro, open, masters, grand masters, super masters, young kids, old kids, juniors

Prices: Everyone is a winner!

Greenstyle: 2 CHF of the entry fee flow to the Greenstyle Foundation and Atlantic Rainforest Institution, two sustainable projects to protect the nature.

Features report

Great success for the Sudden Rush Banked Slalom LAAX 2016

This weekend the Sudden Rush Banked Slalom LAAX 2016 went down in LAAX, Switzerland, for the second time. Hosted by Nicolas Müller and Terje Haakonsen this special event brought together snowboarders of all generations and different riding styles conjuring a smile on hundred’s faces.
The shapers had prepared a challenging course nearby Crap Masegn for 251 participating riders coming from ten countries, three continents, aged between 6 and 60. Current park riders met boardercross-, slalom- and halfpipe-champs from the last millennium, juniors wowed the pros, and freeriders turned out as speed experts. Deep of winter for the adults’ race on Saturday was followed by bluebird on Sunday for the juniors and fakie part. Beside the competitions LAAX offered a perfect powder world to all of them.


Flags in red and blue amid the big big white – that was the “tricolor-view” for the 211 registered competitors, who – despite the heavy weather circumstances with nonstop snowfall on Saturday – were ready in the start-gates for the one and counting run and for this challenge in a real banked course. Right-left, left-right, pushing from one banked turn to the other, keeping the orientation, feeling the flow and finally, after 39 gates, passing the finish line. Passion and competitive spirit were mixed with fun and style. To name only a few, there was the easy going style by Jose Fernandes (Super Masters), the dancing around the gates style with Peter Bauer (Grand Masters), the fashion style by PI Pascal Imhof (Masters) and the team spirit style by the Snowpark LAAX and Pleasure Mag crew. Using every single turn to speed up the course, the performance was perfected by Terje Haakonsen, Paul Lambersens and Stephan Maurer, the podium of the Pro men category. For two snowflakes – 8/100 in time – Nicolas Müller missed the podium. Fastest woman of the day was the Open women winner Jirene Zimmermann, in the men’s category it was legendary Mr Haakonsen. The great come-together of ragtag riders was complemented with live-music, entertainment and culinary specialities in the rocksresort and Indy bar.


A new day, a new view: Sunday was an amazing sunny day offering totally different conditions. 40 junior riders made use of the faster course and the perfect visibility as the 34 fakie race competitors did. The switch version of the Banked Slalom was won by Elias Elhardt, seeing finally the event host and initiator Nicolas Müller (3.) on the podium. Big hands especially for the kids, who adopted this snowboarding discipline from the beginning times of the sport and brought it from ancient to modern ages. Two of the six junior titles were won by LAAX locals, Siria Poltera (Young Kids Girls) and Nick Pünter (Boys).

The Sudden Rush Banked Slalom LAAX 2016 turned out to be what was promised: a weekend filled with powder, sun, speed and fun, an event made by snowboarders for snowboarders, a happening with the magic vibe of LAAX, of its mountains, crew and guests. Happy faces all over the resort. LAAXroots.

All results can be found on the Event Website:
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2016 Features

SuddenRush LAAX Banked OPEN 2016: Registration is Open!

SuddenRush Guarana & LAAX presents the outstanding and playful SuddenRush LAAX Banked OPEN 2016 hosted by legendary Nicolas Müller & Terje Haakonsen!

A true Soul-Snowboarder-Event with legendary Snowboarders, Surfers, Park-Rippers, Young-Guns, Mamas n Papas with Kids. Everybody rides the same course with a big smile on their face. The Course is in a full natural couloir with big turns and steep walls.

More info: Banked-Slalom_Flyer-01

About Banked:
Banked is the oldest and most real Snowboard competition, inspired by skateboarding and surfing. It Almost feels like surfing a perfect line in a Wave with ups & downs. This Event is far away from true competitive snowboarding – its more a gathering and enjoying – riding beautiful turns in vertical walls and the feeling coming close to surfing.